Wyze V3 static and siren problems

Is anyone experiencing static while viewing the Wyze Cam V3 on both IOS and Android? Also when I use the the 2 way mic on our V3 it i guess freezes and loses connection and we are forced to power cycle the entire camera. There is so much random crap going on with it,… loses connection quickly, doesn’t show blue consistently, sometimes red? and the siren when we tested it gets stuck and remains on!! Very annoying! Again all these problems go away immediately after we power cycle each time. Had a V2 in place EXACTLY where the V3 is now and never had these issues.


Likely it might have a worse wifi connection than the v2. Do these problems go away when its close to the router?

Honestly it seems that could be true. Unfortunately I have the V3 outside but not TOO far from 1 of my routers? ( I Whole home google Wifi ) so I thought it should be sufficient enough signal. I suspect the same thing. Poor wifi. 2.4GH is what the box says. :-1:guess I have to buy a another mesh gooogle point to make up for the poor connection.

Just connected my two v3’s. Both have lots static no matter the volume.

One camera also keeps loosing connection.

Placed my v2 and both v3’s next to my router and tested all of them. No static on the v2 and keeps connection.

Might have to return these v3’s.

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I have static on all 3 of my v3’s as well. Even with a silent room, all I hear is static. It records the static when it’s sent for alerts, so clearly something is wrong with these.

I have 6 of the v2’s and they exhibit none of the static, even when placed adjacent to a v3 in identical situations.

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I have 4 of the V3’s and they all have the static when viewing live or playback on the sound. The V2’s never had that issue in the same spot the new V3’s are in. One of my V3’s keeps getting stuck at 3\3 and some how must fix it-self after a few mins and then I can see the live stream. Happens many times each day.


I just received my v3 cam and found there to be a significant level of static sound when listening to the live audio and playback audio as well.

Ditto with the static on one of my v3 and crackling static on my other v3.

Did you all order yours pre-release? I’m trying to see if we all got ours from a first batch that may have been defective.

My experience with support on this issue so far has been unhelpful. I’ve been told to look at proximity of phone to device (I pointed out that the device recorded motion with the static without the presence of the phone). I was told to reflash my devices, yet all three experience the issue. Basically I’m getting level 1 ideas for dummies.

Either way, they (as in support) doesn’t seem to be aware of the issue, so I just asked to return all 3 at this point and I’ll order some point in the future when this issue is resolved hopefully. No response on this request either.

I got my from the first batch I believe. Received them 3 weeks ago and all four have the static sound. It’s like the microphone is picking up feedback. You can here it in live view and recorded view. Now I have two that takes forever to access the live view. I have to wait 5 mins to re-gain access to the live view. All four will go back soon if they don’t push a new firmware to fix these issues. I do like the nighttime video results when compared to the V2.

Yes. Both pre orders.
Just got my return label for them.

I also ordered one when they had the free camera with Cam plus. So we’ll see how that one is.

How did you get a return label, my support person has gone silent for over a week now.

You have to submit a ticket requesting the return.

I used the website not sure if you can do it in the app. Down at the bottom of page under Support “Returns & Warranties”.

2 - HOW TO INITIATE A RETURN there is a link.

Same here – static/crackling on both of my pre-ordered v3s. So are people thinking it’s a hardware thing? I was just hoping a firmware update would fix it.

I would assume it could be fixed by firmware, however you only have 30 days to return product and so far, the support I’ve received hasn’t been helpful at all. I don’t know if this is a large issue or only a few of us have the problem, however if support isn’t going to work with me or anyone here to diagnose and resolve the problem, then I’m returning now and I’ll order more in the future.

I returned mine because I have a Pan cam that’s had an audio problem since I bought it. There’s a thread going back to March 2019 about the problem and it was never resolved.

Maybe this can be fixed with a firmware update. But I didn’t want to take the chance with only 30 day return window.

I still have another one ordered so I guess by the time they ship it out it might be fixed.

That’s exactly why I’m returning mine.

Me too… I have uploaded a video sample to Wyze.
here is how mine sound like…

It’s also a little worrying that Wyze hasn’t even responded at all… I’ve already seen a few posts about people complaining about the static noise on the V3 and i have yet to see were Wyze has said anything… it’s been almost a month now.

Thanks for sharing this info. I opened a ticket with Wyze on Wednesday the 23rd, and they surprisingly replied to me on Christmas Day(!). Here’s what they said:

At this time, please try to remove the cameras from the Wyze app then setup it up again. If still same issue persists, we are releasing a new firmware version for the camera that is slated to launch next week. We can advise you to wait for this an update your camera once released to check if the issue will be fixed.