Wyze Sense Hub with random static and unable to add sensors

I have been without Home Monitoring for a month already since installing Now I have with the same problems.
The hub has random static noise and when this happen it will stop confirming messages such as “disarmed” or “armed home”.
I have tried soft reset. It would run fine for a few minutes and then it would reset itself. Then the cracking static noise starts again.
I am loosing my patience …


Welcome to the forum @jorgego11.

Sorry to hear of your issue.
Please contact Wyze support for this issue.

This is a known issue with some of the Wyze Sense Hub devices.

Hi R.Good

Thanks for the feedback. I have contacted support and the ticket # is 2077883
It seems support its not aware of these issues. Also, its hard to discuss any particular issue with support as they only send “canned responses”.
I already received a warranty replacement that has exactly the same problem.
I am willing to send my Sense Hub back for analysis. What is the next step?


Thank you for the update and additional information @jorgego11
I understand that it can be a hair puller. I myself had the constant reboots, flashing lights, and soft static sound on my Sense Hub for awhile. Got a warranty replacement all is right. Sorry you are getting this with a second device.

Let me see if I can assist in some additional support, Would you mind sharing the first ticket number that led to the warranty replacement if you have it still please.

Thank You!


The ticket for the first warranty replacement is # 1977942 .

I just received an eMail that I will be getting a second Sense Hub warranty replacement under the current ticket # 2077883 ( already shared with you ). The problem is that if the second replacement has the same problem then nothing its fixed. And my 1-year warranty will expire tomorrow May 23rd.


Thank you for the clarification. Happy to hear your replacement is being processed already.

Speaking from my personal experience, even though the warranty is due to expire on the 23rd, your issue was documented prior to the warranty expiration date. Wyze would most likely continue to support until the issue is resolved.

Let me know how the replacement with the new device goes.

Hi Jorge,

Did you get this issue resolved? I’m having the same problem, cant add new or re-add existing sensors. The hub is also making a static noise, very low but noticeable when I get up close. I was asked by suport to reset the hub, but would have to re-add 36+ sensosrs. I’m hopping there is another solution.

Ticket# 2110944
Logs ID 599722

I have the exact same issue. Reported about a month ago. I was briefly able to solve it by resetting the monitoring service and then deleting and re-installing the app (not kidding, support insisted this makes a difference) and then re-adding the sense hub. Then it worked. Until I added another sensor, and then it’s back in the same “static loop”. Been going back and forth with support. Ticket ended after 2 weeks with “it’s a known issue, wait for a firmware update.” Just saw today that there is a firmware update. It won’t update, and now support wants to send me a new device instead.

Anyone find a solution to this?
Ticket: 2134851

Seems an increasing number of people are having luck with this new firmware released last week.

I was having this issue with frequent resets and got a replacement hub. Finally just deleted everything and set HMS back up again. Weird thing is the new hub updated to 249 before it would update to 264. Will keep an eye on it and report back if I have any further issues. Hoping this one is stable, but I’m already noticing in the Monitoring tab that the keypad “low battery” indicator icon is still showing and cameras are showing as offline (neither of which are correct), which is really weird considering it’s a completely new hub / install.

I am having the same issue on updated firmware. Unfortunately my stuff is out of date so support basically told me to f odd, in a nice way.