Wyze plugs down

I don’t know what’s going on but all 5 of my once working plugs are all now down. They all went down during the last 5 hours one at a time with Flashing blue light and switching themselves on/off according to app but things plugged into them don’t turn on or off. Can go through pairing but never finishes with flashing blue light on EVERY one of them. All updated to latest and greatest along with iPhone 14 Pro Max on 17.1. I know they aren’t that expensive but this is ridiculous. Gig internet with 24m up, each device has good internet signal checked with iPhone app.

Edit: now the last plug controlling a light in living room is down with same symptoms. What’s the odds all 6 died almost at the same time?

Not a great situation! I personally am not seeing that, so hopefully the issue is limited. The normal fix for that is cycling power to the Plug, although I can’t explain why they happened all at once.

Curious though, is if they are V1 Plugs? They seem to have the most online issues (they just say “Wyze Plug” in the Device Info screen).

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Also, if it is the original (V1) Indoor Plug (pre-2021), there is a known issue that those v1 plugs and v1 bulbs are not able to complete setup in the recent app versions. Wyze is working on a fix, but at the moment, it sounds like the only solution is to load a much older app version and then they will complete setup again, or wait for a new app version that includes the fix for it.


They are all v2 I believe. Also when setting them up originally they connected immediately using the v2 option in the Wyze app. All plugs were working fine with no problems until today.

Edit - just checked under device information on each plug and it says v2.

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You might try @carverofchoice suggestion for an older app version to reconnect the devices. Seems like a pain, but it seems to work, especially for older plugs and bulbs. May work for your devices as well.

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Sorry I haven’t posted back - been away from house. I don’t know what changed while I was away but now they are all working. I did nothing nor did I make any changes. I’m suspecting we had a power outage as one electric clock is off by 3 hours. Everything is fine now.