Wyze Plug issue

What the hell did you guys do?! Came in this morning and had TEN plugs off line. Of the ones I have looked at so far, they seem to be the non-bluetooth ones. And they absolutely refuse to reset and reinstall. You emailed me like a week ago that the previous problem was fixed…and now this?

Did you have a power outage? Did you try unplugging them and plugging them back in? The only problem currently seems to be with the newer bluetooth version and not the older V1 plugs. What happens when you try to add them back to your account? What error message if any?

Really? Now the forum won’t let me in. It worked yesterday. A little more of this and I will be as anti-tech as my boss.

I am also emailing with one of the Wyze Wizard team (Jericho) about this, but I thought I would try both approaches.

As far as a power outage, it is probable. We have gotten a fair number of half second drops in the last month or so. Some of the things that regularly require reset after a glitch were off, but not all of them. Usually after a power loss, I will have two or three Plugs off line. I can either just unplug them to reset it or at the most re-pair to the network. But to have that many go off at once is a first.

Sorry, I am being lazy and copying and pasting what I sent last night

Checking further, 13 of the 15 Plugs that went down today were the WiFi set-up older ones. I have somewhere around 50 of them total. Mixed old and new. Starting to regret going with you guys at this point. Sorry, but I am sure you can understand. We are a science museum and I use them to turn exhibits on and off. Can you ask Tier 2 or an engineer if there is a limit to how many you can run as long as your WiFi network can handle it? I don’t know if that could be a problem or not. I have a subnet of my WIFI mesh that is just for these and thermostats. Not all of the plug that I have are connected to this mesh however.

Of the two that weren’t old ones, one of them wiped and reinstalled fine. The other one is doing the same thing as the old ones…You go thru the setup and my phone will find it and get past the WiFi selection screen and say “Connecting” but the connection fails in all cases. Most of the time it looks just like you got the password wrong. I have verified that it is correct. I have tried connecting them to another WIFI (2.4 Gig) network with a different password and get the same result. I am saying it HAS to be a firmware issue with the new version. As far as I know, all of them were running the latest update. As I said, I had 5 new ones here and replaced 5 of the fails, and they all set up fine in the same locations.

It’s too early to have to think. I am adding further that I stopped by and grabbed some more new ones on my way to work to get the things that have to be up back on.

Thank you for looking in to this for me.