Wyze Plug (Original) fails to display "Run Time" History

Several, but not all, of my Wyze plug (Original Version) stopped reporting the Run Time. Both the Current Day and the Seven Day displays report no use even though these plugs have been activated with On/Off cycles twice daily with Rules. I have visually observed that they definitely do turn “On” but the Run Times always show no activity. What can I do to get accurate Run Time activity reported in the App?

Same issue. Is there a solution to this @Wyze?

Apologize in advance for resurrecting this post, but it’s close to Halloween so I should get a pass for that. :laughing:

I just wanted to express that I’m having the same issue here.

I currently have 5 plugs all using their latest reported firmware, per the Wyze application.

  • Those with the firmware – No run time reporting.
  • Those with the firmware – Are reporting normally.

I have a mix of those running rules for on/off and vacation mode. It makes no difference.

Not having this reporting makes it impossible to tell if the rules or vacation mode are operational or not if you happen to be away from where they are installed, which is a KEY feature for these plugs to be able to do.

I’d really really like to hear that someone is looking into this - so far it looks to be largely ignored.

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I got mine back by resetting the plug and reinstalling it in the app.

BUT… image

Current versions of both iOS and Android apps may fail to install the early plug.

If so, try rolling back to an earlier version shown to work:


Thanks for responding - and I appreciate the information you’ve shared.

I’ll give it a go to see if I can get them back online, but chances are I’ll wait for a sale and just upgrade to the newer ones and end up donating these. :laughing:

Again, thanks for taking the time to share that info…

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