Wyze pan V2 stuck on fan

Has there been any issues with the cam pan V2 moving to a different location outside of it’s Detection zone and then getting stuck? When the detection zone is set up, it will track motion, but should go back to it’s set zone after 15 seconds… At least that’s what it does when I use the app to view things. Is it set up to do differently when it tracks automatically? I have to manually reset my detection zone several times a day, thus making the entire point of having a camera in my home, pointless. I miss important events regularly. What’s the point in using a camera as a baby monitor (which it states it’s marketed for) if it moves off of it’s Detection zone and gets stuck on a darn ceiling fan for hours upon hours?

Seriously, I had a crib actually fall on my child and the camera didn’t catch it. And it WAS within the zone. (thankfully I was just around the corner and he’s fine)

I had that issue a couple years ago, and they ended up sending me a replacement camera because it had something to do with the motor.

Strange. It does it to both of mine. It works normally in the app. Just not when it’s automatic

I would submit a log in the app, note the log number, and then reach out to support.

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I’ve now submitted a log, but has anyone else had any similar issues? Or does this seem like a singular issue with just my two cameras?
One camera in my living room gets stuck on the fan, the other in the bedroom tends to get stuck on the window (which has the blinds shut)

Please ensure you submit a ticket as well as the log. Both of those will aid in getting you an answer.

With that said, can you provide a bit of information?

  • What is the Firmware Version of the Affected Device(s)
  • What is the App Version you are using

This will help some of us determine a possible solution

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There ya go. Also both cameras have done it since purchase.

Second log, for 4/20

Just purchased 2 V2 CamPans to replace 2 V1 PanCams for the improved night vision. Very disapointed in both due to not being able to set up detection zones without the cam rotating towards the sky every time and locking there. While setting up cam #1 I experienced the issue and Wyze is sending me a replacement. Tried to set up detection zone on Cam 2 today and have the same issue. Cam2 has firmware and plugin 2.30.4 . Any suggestions before I request a replacement again? Hoping they don’t just send replacements with the same issue

PROBLEM SOLVED> After chatting with a Wyze rep for a while, it was determined that the “Motion Tagging” must be ON. The default was off and that kept the camera locking up and facing the wall like the original poster said. Don’t turn on “Motion Tracking”. Just “Motion Tagging”. Both are accessible by clicking “More” on the home screen of each camera. I had had previous chats with other wyze techs and finally got one that was dialed in.

That makes sense. I have both on. I guess I’ll have to stop using the Pan camera as a Pan and just a stationary camera then. They should add an exclusion area.

So recently purchased the Wyze Cam Pan v3. Having this issue where it decides to stare endlessly at the ceiling fan. Turning off motion tracking isn’t a good solution since having a camera that can pan/tilt to follow a person seems to be the point. If I didn’t want to track somebody, I would have bought the stationary camera.

I do have pan scan turned on where it doesn’t include the fan in the field of view, but when tracking somebody, it invariably tilts up.

Any other possible solutions? Shouldn’t it at least give up staring up at the ceiling for hours and return to the normal Pan Scan pattern?

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Sadly, it seems not. The way I see it, it tracks “motion” not people. It has smart “detection” but not smart “tracking”

We also recently got the Wyze Cam Pan v3. With “track motion” turned off the camera doesn’t move when we walk around the room, so it never goes up to the ceiling fan. With “track motion” turned on, it initially respects the detection zone that we set up to exclude the ceiling fan. But if we walk around the camera moves, and apparently the detection zone pixels also go to a new position, and the camera stares at the fan. Next step I will make something that physically blocks the view of the ceiling fan, so the camera can never see it, even if looking in that direction. There’s no need to detect motion toward the ceiling, after all.

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I don’t mean to necro this post but since I’m having the same problems with my pan cam v3 purchased back in November and have been having problems with it constantly getting stuck on my room fan and it still works when someone walks in but then after I leave it’s back to fan. I’ve set up a detection zone where I didn’t include the fan or the fans shadow which it also picks up and still gets stuck on the fan… I’m not sure what else to do, other than removing motion detecting and force it to not pan even though I bought this thing to detect all motion… There is a beta version of smart vision that allows you to let your camera know when a door shuts or not and was thinking that may fix my problem but then when I try to set it up there is no devices to select for only the “I don’t see my camera” click option and when I click on that to see if my camera works with vision beta it says it does but does not show up in the devices area to pick… Much appreciation if anyone can help

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As soon as the camera moves, the detection zone moves with it. It’s similar to a person wearing glasses, their ‘detection zone’ is seen through the glasses. As soon as they move their head, their ‘detection zone’ moves.

That’s unsettling to hear, but I’m grateful for the response… I’ll have to remove tracking and see how that works afterwards.

Actually, the defined detection zone is only active when the camera is facing its “home”, where you set it up with the grid to block out areas. If motion tracking is enabled, once the tracking locks onto and starts following detected motion, the set detection zone is no longer active. Here’s a snip from the support pages on this:

Additional Notes

Some behaviors to note when using a Detection Zone:

  • The Detection Zone will only be active when the camera is in the position you selected when you set the Detection Zone. If you (1) manually move the camera away from the Detection Zone OR (2) if the camera moves away from the Detection Zone following motion when Motion Tracking is turned on, after 15 seconds of inactivity (no motion detected) the camera will automatically return to the position you selected when you set the Detection Zone and will reinstate the Detection Zone.
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Interesting point. However the camera still moves to follow the motion, until it catches a glimpse of the ceiling fan, then stares at it. I plan to experiment with a piece of cardboard, to block the camera’s view of the ceiling fan. Then it can’t see the motion up there.

Yes. The camera uses the set detection zone to “detect motion”, then if motion tracking is enabled. It follows the detection. Once the camera starts to actively track, the detection grid is no longer used and the tracking follows whatever is detected as motion. If it’s starts tracking object A, then after A stops but B is moving, it will track B. If it tracks A and A stops, but no more motion is detected, it will return to home aka set detection zone after 15 seconds.

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