Wyze overdrew my checking

wyze has no way to contact

how do I remove psyment info

wyze overdrew my checking

We are very sorry to hear this! Here’s our phone number so you can call tomorrow when we open again:


You can also get in touch with us through Wyze Customer Support.


no this will be taken care of in writing

how dare you take money from my account when have no payment methods stored

send me a ups label prepaid with door pick up

told you all ten times fed ex eull not deliver here

your cs is horrible

and now you have taken my money
and i will have to make a police report in addition to changing all my accounts i have had for fifty years

about time you followed disability law and good business practices

this is bs

Do you have a customer support ticket I can draw attention to? It definitely sounds like something went wrong here and we definitely want to look into it. We apologize for the poor experience that you’ve had and would like to fix it.


caused massive issues for my accounts and payment methods

your company needs a overhaul

i reached out over and over and over
about the fed ex issue and nothing

now my bank account

I am very sorry to hear that. Do you have a support ticket number that I can use to bring attention to this?

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I know it’s frustrating but Gwendolyn is genuinely trying to help.
Was any of this done by email?
If so you should have a Ticket number associated with the support issue.


This is WYZE :arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down:

Wyze withdrew money from an old account I used for payment overdrawing it.

This post of yours and others shows that Wyze has numerous issues with its customers, its cs employees, leads etc.

Tighten your mask.

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