Wyze mesh router vs Isp "All in One", Routers?

Is the new Wyze Mesh router, compatible with the Frontier (Isp) Arris duel band “All in one” modem router combo?

I am considering getting one (pre order).

I just don’t want to ruin the holidays with frustrating incompatible device experiences.

I know this product is brand spanking new. But I am asking anyway.

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It was mentioned in the release video that you will be able to use this device with an ALL-IN-ONE modem/router combo, with I am sure some configuration.

Worst case scenario, you contact your ISP and have them swap the ALL-IN-ONE with just a modem?

Start at 1.14 for the device overview


Your “all-in-one” router is a modem/router combo and you need the modem half. Just plug the Wyze Router into one of the LAN ports (not WAN) on your existing router using the provided Ethernet cable. You can leave or shut off the WiFi on your existing router. I would. And match the SSID and password so you don’t have to reset all of your Wyze devices.


Hopefully I can leave them out of this.

A 12 yr record of poor service n reliability .

Can make this a no sale n easy solution.
They will be the death of me


I assisted my Wifes cousin in WVA who had frontier. We put in their own router and turned off their WiFi / Rtr and it worked fine. I did have to call them to get the logon info as her cousin didn’t know it.

Make sure when you set it up that you turn of the DHCP host on the Frontier router and let the Wyze Router do it.


Frontier is dead to me.

I had to “Wait 18 days ???”, for a Feb 2k23 service outage repair .

When they showed up in March, he did exactly what I told the rep. " Go down the street take a right, then a left, then go underground and check the circuit."

The repair guy was laughing outside with his partner. He said,“The customer told the rep what the problem was !”.

That was the last straw.

I was getting ready to report them again, to our state utility agency.

Then I thought, why not google these folks. There, I found out. That they settled a class action suit in May of 2k23 in CA. (Slower speeds than advertised) with nationwide results.

Thank the Lord 5g wireless is here and the competition is winning my 30 day trial…

I now have speeds 157.75 times fastener, for the same price.

All I want is last months bill refunded n my 0.4- 0.8 Mbps speed, DSL service cancelled.