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Changing ISP with Mesh Router Pro

I installed Wyze Mesh Router Pro a couple of months ago. Everything worked great! I changed my ISP service provider to another provider with faster speeds, better reliability and lower price. I was unable to locate documentation Wyze website for reinstalling the root router when changing ISP to get the faster speeds. Tech support told me to add the router(root) without deleting the current root router. That brought up some questions like, 1) should I unplugged the satellite mesh routers prior to reinstall, 2) when I select the “+” located at the top left corner, the. Add device, should I select the router listed or allow the app to add new?

It would be beneficial to have a reinstall documented process that addresses what to do before, during and after reinstall. This could be located within the FAQ section under Mesh Router Pro.


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Just curious, why did you need to reinstall the router? What changes did you need to make?

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I was still getting the same speed (under 400Mbps) instead of 1G speed from the new ISP. Wyze tech support informed me that I needed to reinstall but did not have to remove the router from the app. Didn’t work. Had to do a factory reset and reinstall everything. Root, + 2 satellite routers, plus reinstall all cameras, plugs, sprinklers.

I find it disconcerting that the router wouldn’t automatically run at the new speed when simply plugged into a new modem or ONT. Perhaps a reboot, but not a reinstall and definately not a deletion and reinstall. That is just crazy!

Reinstall aside, after the factory reset and reinstall of the router and the nodes, so long as you renamed the single SSID of the router exactly the same and used exactly the same password, there should have been no requirement to reinstall every device on the network.


After reinstalling the router I still have the same speed as before. When I first installed the Mesh Pro a month ago, using the previous ISP, it was very simple. When the new ISP installed their modem last week to get the 1Gig speed it took while for the router to come up (3-5 minutes) but it worked and all devices (23) were later connected without any issues. After the tech told me to reinstall the mesh pro with factory rest I had to do that on the root and satellite routers. As for Wyze cams, plugs and sprinkler controllers on WiFi I had to reinstall these too authenticating to the network. One of my AppleTV devices with direct Ethernet connect came up fine.

I have a copy of the email with tech support but don’t want names shown here.


I’m not debating that is what Support told you to do. The question is if they were giving you correct information or just reading from a script someone gave them to read: “If it doesn’t work, delete everything and start over.”

The router does take some time to do initial setup and when you reboot it. That is normal.

Wyze WiFi devices (cams, thermostat, vacuum, etc), like many other iOT devices, don’t care which 2.4GHz router it is attached to. So long as the SSID and PW matches what was saved in the settings on initial setup, router swaps are relatively easy. I have swapped routers on multiple occasions and even deleted and reinstalled my Wyze Mesh Router Pro with nodes several times troubleshooting Beta Firmware issues and never once had to reinstall a single device.

When you are testing your speed, how are you testing that. For example, I test using my phone connected to WiFi. I get two different speeds from my testing app Analiti. Internet speed and WiFi Phy speed. The latter is the WiFi Link Speed between the device and the router which is the weakest link in your network. Mine rarely exceeds 433Mbps. There are reasons for that that are explained well in this very technical article.

I am on a fiber internet plan capped @ 200Mbps

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Thanks for the info. Yes, they definitely was reading from a script or texting/chatting with others for info. By the time I did the factory reset I knew I was in too deep and past the point of no return.

Recent test:
I tested this morning using our IPhone 13 with cellular data off and standing close to the Wyze Root router. My ISP Internet speed coming into the home is up to 1G…

I got 464 Mbps download and 560 Mbps on upload.

Moving Forward:
When the special rate from this ISP ends, I plan to drop back to 500 Mbps. Hopefully, I won’t see any negative impacts on AppleTV streaming(2) or Wyze cameras(11), plugs(8), sprinkler controllers(2). I’m thinking I will still get up to 400-500 Mbps on devices.


Result Using Speedtest by OOKLA