Wyze mesh pro

I have a mesh pro setup at my house and I don’t understand why all the satellite say wireless even tho I have two wired together in separate areas

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This is a known issue that has been addressed in the most recent Firmware Update that is currently undergoing Beta Testing. You can either join the Beta Team to get the Firmware or wait for the next Production Firmware when the Beta passes all QA requirements and is sent into production.


@SlabSlayer what about a WSP function so I can connect my printer easier

Since there is no WSP button, I don’t believe the WMRPro supports this feature.

WPS is prone to security vulnerabilities. You really don’t want it on your network anyway.

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That’s fine just trying to connect my printer and that was the way they suggested in manual

They created WPS for that reason but it didn’t work out so well. You will have to do it the manual way. Which can stink on certain printers.

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How can you do that? How can you connect a printer manually to the Wyze Mesh router?

I installed my basic HP WiFi printer to my Mesh Pro network thru the WiFi setup feature on the printer. If it’s a WiFi printer there should be network setup instructions in the user manual. How will depend on the make and model of the printer.

I have an old 2011 HP DeskJet 3050A printer

Because it is such an old printer, Direct WiFi setup without the WPS is not possible.

Page 32 of the User Guide indicates it will need to be USB connected to a computer for the Network Setup to be loaded from the PC to the printer.