Wyze Lock should not allow lock attempts if the door is not actually closed

I can tell the door to lock (via app, Alexa or SDK) and the deadbolt will pop out even though the door is open. I can’t imagine a use-case where locking an open door makes any sense. This should report an error - or at the very least be an optional setting.

Another problem: this is especially bad using the Alexa integration, since Alexa only reports the locked/unlocked status, but not the open/closed status. This should also be fixed!

First off, I agree with the suggestions.

Don’t take this as a disagreement, but I do actually know people who have extended the deadbolt while the door is open to make sure it stays propped or cracked open.

I am not saying this is a good use for it. I agree that there are better options for propping a door open and making sure it doesn’t close. I am just saying that I know some people who actually do want to extend their deadbolt while a door is open for various reasons.

Again, I personally agree it makes sense to prevent attempted locking while it’s open. There are other better ways to make sure a door stays cracked open.

It would also be great if Alexa could get the open or closed status from the lock (but just locked or unlocked). I’m not sure whether Alexa supports this or not for thier lock templates, but if they do, that should definitely be implemented.

Carverofchoice: Thanks for pointing that out. That’s why I said that Wyze should at least make it an option to allow the deadbolt to pop open, despite the open door. I don’t know who created the Alexa interface, but being able to get the open/closed status for the lock is absolutely essential. I hope Wyze plans to do this!

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Totally. Nobody can rationally disagree with “options” like that since it caters to both preferences. I think the overwhelming majority of people would also cater to your perspective of wanting to prevent locking while it’s open, including myself. I have had the lock extend while my door was open and thought it was weird, and honestly could damage the bolt/lock/doorway if someone unknowingly tried shutting the door while it’s out.

I also support the Alexa update. Right now I use an extra contact sensor on my door so that I can have this functionality. It would be nice to be able to remove that extra sensor to use somewhere else if this update came through.