Wyze Lock Keypad Not Working Consistently

Has anyone else with the Wyze Lock noticed that the keypad does not work consistently? When unlocking the door, the keypad will not unlock the door about half of the time. This will also happens when locking the door with the keypad but does not happen as much. Sometimes I will have to put in the code to unlock the door three or four times before it will unlock it. Eventually it will, but it is very annoying when this happens. This has always been an issue to some extent but I feel that it has gotten worse recently.

I have 3 locks and keypads. Have not experienced that behavior

Have you tried removing the keypad and adding it back again?

Also, could the batteries in the keypad be low? Maybe change and try again.

I have never had any problems with my keypad.

How far away from the lock is the keypad from the lock? Could the door or wall between them be interfering with the signal? For example, is it a steel door or a brick wall?

Mine work reliably.

Is there an alignment issue by chance? My last house had a bunch of doors that would not lock or unlock deadbolts with electronic locks unless we pulled on the doors and lifted them up a little and held the door while it locked or unlocked the deadbolt. It sounds like this door could have a similar alignment issue. There are ways to fix the door to work a lot more smoothly again if this is the problem.

I saw a guy show one easy way was to take out the door hinge bolts then hold the door where you want it aligned to and hammer the hinges to be even in that position, then reinsert the hinge bolt and everything was fixed again. He said over time the weight of doors pull the hinges slightly out of alignment from where the door used to hold up correctly, so this was an easy solution to readjust the issue after several years of wear and tear. I’m not saying this is what you’re experiencing, but if it is, this might be something you could look into so the deadbolt works more smoothly.

I’ve recently started having problems with mine also, it’s about a year old. But mine gets a lot of use, it’s at a vacation rental. I think the buttons are wearing out, where you have to push quite firmly to hear the button press acknowledgment sound. I think people push the buttons too soft so some presses don’t get registered. But I’m not 100%, will probably just replace the keypad for a fresh one. But I’m all ears if there’s another fix. Even with 100% fresh batteries, it happens.

My keypad also had same issue. The lights won’t even come up, and the weather is below 32 degree, not sure if anyone knows what the temperature these outdoor devices can hold?
Also the current firm version is just is there newer version? Thanks

Yeah, a lot of responders are describing what seems like a different issue. On mine the LEDs and keys seem to be working correctly, it’s just that it seems to reject the code a bunch, the lights turning red and it giving the rejection/wrong code noise. I installed one at my girlfriend’s house, and it’s WAY more consistent for me, and I noticed that the position of hers is different vis a vis the lock itself, mine is located across from the lock and mounted to concrete, hers is closer to the lock, and her line of site to the gateway is better; basically I’m wondering if it’s a radio interference issue…