Wyze Lock Constant Jam Error

Using the original Wyze Lock since Oct 2021 and its been great. Have 2 of them. However, just the other day, the front door lock has been doing something weird where it rendered the lock completely useless. I noticed jam errors all day. Checking the lock, it looks ok. However, it appears the motor is not turning the lock on its own, hence thinking its jammed. I can physically turn the lock without issue, butter smooth, but not by remote means at all. If you click unlock in the app, the light on the lock turns green, you hear a little beep and a sound like its trying to unlock but wont, then the jam error comes through.

Tried recalibrating a few times, but at the end, when it needs to lock and unlock by itself, it cant. Anyone have this issue before? It seems like the motor inside that turns the lock died out.

I am sorrry this is happening. I have personally not run into this issue or seen reports of it. I would contact support on this and see what they can do.



I am having this issue right now with my back door, almost exactly like you described.

EXCEPT, I know that in my case it is because the hinges on the door have shifted just a little bit, causing my door to hang down and back a little bit to the point where it doesn’t open and shut the deadbolt on it’s own just because the door hinges need to be re-aligned, or I’d have to cut the deadbolt hole out a little bit so there isn’t so much friction on the deadbolt anymore. It got so bad my lock motor was acting weird even when I manually open and shut it. I had to recalibrate the lock just to stop the weird sticky whirring from the motor, but even after recalibrating, it can’t open and close the lock automatically anymore like it used to be able to…that is, unless I am holding the door shut and holding it in and up a little, then I can tell it to open and shut and it can perfectly do everything on it’s own again.

I need to take my door down, fix the screw holes where the hinge was held in, let it dry, then set it back up, maybe with new hinges since those ones are probably now bent.

It’s not super uncommon to have happen with some doors. See if you can hold your door in and up and have the lock open and close on it’s own. If it works while you hold the door in and up, then it means the problem isn’t with the lock, but with the door alignment slightly shifting over time like mine did. Then you can either fix the alignment (preferable) or the bolt hole (easier, but not recommended since it doesn’t fix the issue in the long term).

If you’re confident it’s not that like it is with my back door, then it could be possible your lock motor just died for some reason…but I would bet it’s more likely an alignment shift. It’s not uncommon.

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Thanks for posting that carverofchoice, I’ll have to check. The thing that tells me it is possibly the motor is keeping the door open and then trying to lock and unlock it, it sounds like the motor is trying but won’t move. This used to work just to test the lock and unlock while the door was open.

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