WYZE Lock Bolt "Phantom Finger Print" đź‘»

I have had to replace my Lock Bolt recently due to malfunctioning with the Lock Bolt not being able to register properly where the lock position was as well as it autolocking while the auto lock feature wasn’t enabled and the front key pad interface wasn’t accepting any input.

Replaced the Lock Bolt last night with the one provided by Wyze and I was woken up repeatedly through out the night by the alarm on the lock Bolt. Looking through the log it showed that there was multiple “Multiple Failed Fingerprint Unlock Attempts”. Looking back at the cameras, there was not a single soul attempting to unlock my door… and this issue persists even after hard resets.

It appears that the Lock Bolt Fingerprint sensor is receiving some what I call “Phantom Fingerprints”… a ghost maybe? Most likely not. Temps here have been around 20F, so well above the -13F spec. I believe this issue was prevalent with the first Lock Bolt I had but was masked by the many other issues it was having at the time before replacing.

Poor fingerprint sensor? Maybe condensation build up from the warm inside temps of the house? or overall just bad firmware?.. not quit sure but after roaming the forums and internet, I have yet to find anything similar as far as the “Phantom Fingerprints”. Currently working with Wyze but I wanted to put this out into the community for awareness and potential troubleshooting from others.


That is weird. I have had mine since they were first available and haven’t experienced anything like that. My first reaction is that maybe something is malfunctioning and you need a warranty replacement or something, but you indicated that this seems to have been the second time this is happening to you which is wild. It’s crazy enough that you’d have the one in a million that does this, but to have it twice in a row, is mind-boggling and seems very unlikely to be a pure coincidence. Let us know if you ever figure out what the cause really was.

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Glad I found this post. I started having similar issues today and while searching the internet I found this post.

Installed the new lock bolt and had codes and fingerprints programmed in. It has been working without issue. It asked me to install the new firmware version which we did during the install.

THEN TODAY the fingerprint reader stopped accepting prints. When you put your finger on the reader nothing happens. I programmed in a new finger and I went through the finger reading process where you put your finger on 8 times while reads and saves the print. After this was complete, I tested the unlock by putting my newly created finger on the reader. Nothing happened!

I contacted support and we pulled the batteries, did the remove and repairing procedure and the print reader still doesn’t work.

But things get more interesting…. After contacting support they said they would ship me a replacement. While my wife and I are sitting on the couch the lock bolt started making beeping noises like someone was trying to get in. We thought someone was trying to get in so we looked out the window and there was no one around. The key pad was showing all red.

It did this two times on its own for no reason. There is definitely something wrong m and I’m not sure if this is an issue with the firmware or a defect with the hardware. I’m hoping the replacement fixes the issue but with all the issues the Wyze products seem to have, I’m worried this will happen again. I guess we will see.

Today the lock bolt had a mind of its own again…. This time I removed the finger print but it still does it.