Wyze Light Strip: The Ultimate Set-your-vibe Light - 7/13/21

Question: Would I be able to cut the strip and splice it with a jumper cable over areas I don’t want lit? Do the strips (standard and pro) use a 4-pin circuit? If so, how wide is it? Thanks!

Interesting. I just bought this exact item on ebay to use around my bed frame. It’s got 2 16ft strips, and an Alexa enabled wifi controller that controls the 2 light strips. It was only $30. No need to buy the wyze version. I imagine they just slapped their name on something similar and integrated it into their app to make it proprietary :


The picture on that clearly shows the controller and how it accommodates both strips.

The 4 wires are: Bluetooth for the hand held remote, adapter for connecting to the power supply, 2 connectors one for each light strip.

The one stock image from Wyze does not identify how the 2 strip package connects. Also, the Wyze package does not include a remote.

FWIW, if you are patient and can wait a long time for shipping, check how much that setup is on AliExpress. The sellers just buy from there anyway, or even drop ship from there

I really wish you guys would slow down on making new projects and actually work on making your products HomeKit compatible, or at least allow api access so Homeassistant can do it for you.

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Hi, I would like to use these on my boat via 12v. Would you please verify that I can replace the AC plug component with a 12v plug? I am assuming the AC plug just converts to 12v DC. Correct?

Any idea what LED’s the strips use?

Is the pro version the same hardware but with different software?

The LEDs appear to be the same visually, but the control circuitry, and thus the software, appear to be quite different. Also, the Pro version has a thick coating over the circuitry.

I figured that the software was the difference but forgot about the coating.

Any idea what LED driver the strips use? WS2815’s perhaps?

No idea, other than they are not WS2815s. The images I see for that are not the same.

I guess we are going to have to wait for someone to get one to find out.

They are LEDs. They light up. Why does it matter?

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Because I’m looking for a reason to buy them and if they use a standard type led then when I’m disappointed with the Wyze app, I can use them with something more to my my liking.

Who defines what ‘standard’ is? What you have been previously exposed to? I suspect even if you want to try to reuse WS2815s you will find the support circuitry is proprietary. So unless all you are interested in doing is unsoldering WS2815s to use elsewhere, that will have little value to you. If that is all you intend, then just buy a box of WS2815s?

I’d think all the support circuitry would be in the controller and the strips are some common led strip already on the market.

Standard to me means one of the choices supported by fastled or wled.

Those specs support many LED types. Maybe better to ask if the Wyze strips support those specs instead of just a WS2815? Why a WS2815?

I think most people just want LED light strips, and $25-30 isn’t beyond giving something a try.
If it is, they can wait for reviews?

No particular reason I mentioned the WS2815, other than they are common 12v addressable leds.

human interface needed. same for all of Wyze lighting products. I could sort of get by with limited use with motion sensors, but really need a switch. Can’t always use voice commands and using your phone to turn on lights when you enter a room is just stupid, not smart lighting at all.

I use contact sensors as switches. You can buy it 3D print little brackets for them to act as normal light switches. I flick it up, lights turn on, I flick it down, lights turn off. And since they’re wireless, I set those switches up anywhere. I put one on our bed head board that dims and turns off the lights in the master bedroom, while the switch at the entrance to the room makes it bright instead. Same for lots of rooms.

For my office I have a motion sensor that automatically turns the light on an off based on whether I’m in there (off when clear for 10 minutes).

Pretty easy to just turn a contact sensor into a light switch. You can buy cheap brackets on places like Etsy or download a 3D printer blueprint for them a few places.

It comes with a physical controller that can be used to turn it on or off, or change colors or modes. Many people put it with the lights, so if they are behind a cabinet the switch is back there too – you just reach around and touch it.



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