Wyze issues story continues

Another couple of days with Wyze product issues!

This time around, 3 Cam v2 running continually disconnecting and failing to connect/reconnect. Displaying different error codes every time i try to reconnect them. My Cam v3 running never has any issues. This seems like a ridiculous case of not supporting older hardware in order for you to buy the newer stuff. This is growing my irritation for these products. Don’t get me wrong, I love the concepts of these products, the ease of use (normally) and the integration of multiple products in one app.

Oh, and more icing on the cake…I have 4 wyze bulb color in a ceiling fan running that are now having connectivity issues. Turning off the main power for a few minutes and turning it back on only results in a random selection of bulbs reconnecting to the app/wifi. I have done this several times over the past couple days and all 4 lights never turn on. Not sure what happened, but these lights used to work flawlessly.

Need Wyze to iron out these continuous problems with older products before announcing new ones.


With that many connectivity issues (ie: including the bulbs), it might be worth your time to explore some of the possible causes I outline here:

Those are all based on my own personal experience of going through similar frustrations of devices having connectivity issues, including where some were always working fine, but others were having issues. Once I addressed the things outlined in that post, my connectivity has been REALLY good with few issues for about a year and a half straight now despite having hundreds of Wyze devices…they’re all running great now that I worked through all that (including my V2’s and color bulbs).

If your offline issue is a case of the camera saying it is offline, but it in-fact still livestreams when you open it up, then they’re looking for help on that and you can follow these instructions:


Can you double check your v3 firmware number? The number you listed almost sounds like an App version. My v3 cameras are on firmware &

You are absolutely correct, i actually overlooked the firmware number and gave the plugin number. oops

v2 fw:
v3 fw:

wyze bulb color: (although, these started working a couple hours after making this thread)

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