Wyze is listening

I just wanted to comment on issues I had in the past that seem much improved. For me anyhow.

Previously flashes of light etc., would cause a person detection. That now seems to be motion detected and I’m almost back to trusting the detections with my own rules & alarms I setup in Tasker.

I haven’t checked if night vision dust bunnies are still people or motion now, most night vision I have turned off with ambient light for color. Keep up the good work.

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This holds true:

Even in very poor lighting, from extreme angles and far distant, it’s picking out tiny little silhouettes that turn out to be people.

That said, I just read a cam pan v3 owner post PD was crap. I just don’t know. :man_shrugging:


I have 3 Pan V3s.

Inside, they’re fine for PD., except with night vision on at least previously, dust bunnies were people, may be motion now, I’d have to turn off my ambient light to test. Don’t have any outside to test. Flashes of Iight etc. are no longer PD as far as I can tell.