Sunset causing person detection

For the sake of trying it I’ve paid for person detection. Ever since then and when the sunset happens, person detection constantly triggers. Every evening I receive 40 to 50 notifications while the sunset continues.

I have reduced sensitivity significantly and it continues

Is this a bug that can will fixed or is this stuck and I should ask for a refund? It’s non-stop, I’ve attached a screenshot of a 4 minute window with 5 person notifications, it never stops until the Sun sets.

Edit: Wyze Pan Cam, updated to latest firmware today and the issue continues.

Which camera model?

Wyze Pan Cam

Updated to the latest firmware as of today and the issue continues

I know a shadow will trigger my motion detection at times but that’s odd it triggers your PD.

I’ll get person detection at night from car headlights too, but that’s happened on and off for months.

Does the Wyze green rectangle give you a hint as to what is triggering the detection? Usually a shadow.

Also, if I had to guess as to what area it thinks is a person it would be this one.

Good idea, I’ve emailed the motion tagging and will see what happens tonight

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Like @Customer asked, what does the video show? Is it a stagnant picture or is there ANY type of movement ( changing pixels colors, flickering reflections, etc). If you can post one of those many videos you got, that’ll help.

Emailed or enabled motion tagging?


No motion detection or person detection has occurred for the camera in nearly 36 hours all of a sudden.

The other camera works just fine.

This all started with paid person detection.