Wyze Home Monitoring Reddit AMA - May 18, 1:00 PM Pacific

This announcement was published May 17th, 2 days ago, the day before the AMA:

Scroll to the very top and it will show you it is 2 days old and was published on the 17th.


I am just receiving this, that’s why I’m questioning the timing. I have to investigate why I didn’t receive this prior. Thanks for pointing out the date otherwise.

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No worries. Anyone getting notified late for some reason can still go read the entire Reddit thread, or all the Wyze responses are just up above in this thread too, so it’s easy to catch up on all the new announcements either way. :+1:

I’m going to drop this question here. Maybe it has been answered elsewhere, but my search did not turn up anything.

Question: Can you have two active hubs on same account? For example, if you have a detached garage that is far enough away–when considering range reductions due to walls, buildings, etc–this would allow for a localized sensor set-up in the garage. In this case, the garage would not work independently of the house, but in tandem with it.

Wyze Gwendolyn answered this in the original launch thread:

Reportedly this is something that will eventually be possible, but is not currently as of last report I heard. It would be interesting to hear from anyone who actually tried to use 2 hubs though and describe what happened.

Bummer. Thanks.