Wyze has disabled audio recording from SD card on FLOODLIGHT cam v3

Yea I’m sure if I checked my date code I would have the same one but I’ve thrown the one that took water away. I have one left on my front porch under a covered patio so its safe from water but it has the same audio issue I could check that date code but it doesn’t matter tbh these old floodlights are junk tbh.

Your PIR motion issue idk about because my two floodlights were completely on opposite sides of my house one in the backyard one in the front.

I hate suggesting new more expensive products from a company that refuses to service a serious issue with their products like this and keeps selling the faulty product but the new floodlight pro is much better. That’s what replaced my backyard one that took on water. I’ve only had it about a month but it’s been great.

It doesn’t have a PIR sensor it’s completely AI driven to detect motion but it does a great job. The resolution is much better (2k) and the camera covers twice as much area. So far I’m super happy with it, my ONE complaint is I have a couple outdoor cats and when they decide to walk through the backyard it detects them as a vehicle and sends me a notification and records an event lol. Not sure how a 5 pound cat gets picked up as a vehicle but whatever hopefully that’s fixed soon.

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