Wyze has disabled audio recording from SD card on FLOODLIGHT cam v3

Yea I’m sure if I checked my date code I would have the same one but I’ve thrown the one that took water away. I have one left on my front porch under a covered patio so its safe from water but it has the same audio issue I could check that date code but it doesn’t matter tbh these old floodlights are junk tbh.

Your PIR motion issue idk about because my two floodlights were completely on opposite sides of my house one in the backyard one in the front.

I hate suggesting new more expensive products from a company that refuses to service a serious issue with their products like this and keeps selling the faulty product but the new floodlight pro is much better. That’s what replaced my backyard one that took on water. I’ve only had it about a month but it’s been great.

It doesn’t have a PIR sensor it’s completely AI driven to detect motion but it does a great job. The resolution is much better (2k) and the camera covers twice as much area. So far I’m super happy with it, my ONE complaint is I have a couple outdoor cats and when they decide to walk through the backyard it detects them as a vehicle and sends me a notification and records an event lol. Not sure how a 5 pound cat gets picked up as a vehicle but whatever hopefully that’s fixed soon.

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I emailed Wyze and they said an engineering team was working on it, but that has been forever now… I sent them an email today and said. Give us a free subscription to Wyze PLUS for that one camera… this way we get sound events and motion on their cloud. Their dime, for their problem. I know its not as good as 24 hour sound recording, but its a start. Lets see what they say.

I think its fair to at least give us free unlimited plus for 1 cam till they get it fixed.


They gave me a total no. No free cam plus, no nothing, just sorry we are aware crap.

Wyze customer service sucks for sure.
No eta, i just rolled back.my firmware and it works again. I will never update it.

As long as it works like it did when it was out if the box im ok.

Never understood why firmware updates became such a thing in small electrics anyways. Pc, ok, expensive air conditioner ok… but little things always worry me because most of the time the people that make the device dont care to allocate their expensive engineers to update bad firmware lol…

Wyze you suck.

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So, mine, the audio does not work on live or playback. I really don’t care about playback, as we use this one to watch the kids when they are playing in the front yard, I just want the live stream audio to work. Works just fine for the one I have in the backyard, same model, same firmware. Is mine just defective?

Yes my flood cam with wyze v3 does have sound on live with old may 2022 firmware and the newest one. The newest one disables it from sd but NOT from live

Look at the cam and clean around any hole area that might be a mic… go to advanced settings snd select record sound( just in case it effects live)

And if not remove the camera and re connect it to the app and reinstall app also.

You can even reset camera back to defaults

That should fix the problem.

Got another email today and they said with hardware issues they usually just replace the unit… but for software they said just roll back the firmware and we are sorry

I will not buy any new wyze products…

They even try to screw us with the free cloud to pay service… so they are losing what made them good to start.

Its like restaurants who serve great food , then get cheap and sell crap for more money.

This is wyze


Support had me to a bunch of stuff, including reset to factory defaults, and none of it fixed my issue. They sent me a gift card for the purchase amount, and so I used it to buy the Pro version. :slight_smile:

Anyone know if the October 19 2023 firmware update fixes to SD card no sound on the floodlight? version

I’m still using the old one from 2022 may and don’t wanna risk the update, till I’m sure, otherwise I have to do the roll back and it takes alot of time out of my day

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Like you, I am not going to risk using update unless someone verifies that it has resolved the issue.

I have another floodlight cam that I’m okay updating and can confirm no audio after update

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Wanting to buy another 4 cam v3s but not feeling great about this. Any updates on firmware fixes?

No, but I will say the Pro version is leagues above - camera quality is phenomenal, and detection is more accurate.

I got the cold shoulder from their support as well. It’s clearly a firmware/software issue, but they’re refusing to fix the issue. We shouldn’t have to purchase a new model to get a functioning device. I have 5 cams that I severely regret buying and will slowly start migrating to some other brand that actually functions the way it’s advertised. Wyze has let me down so much. Word of mouth is the best advertising…or the worst if you have garbage products/support.


I agree completely, but my issue is I don’t want to have to use 2 apps to see the cameras, so unless I’m willing to spend $ to replace all 4 of mine at once, $75 more was the better option (or even $150).

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It’ll be a pain using multiple apps, no doubt. I just refuse to give a company even more money that doesn’t care about it’s older products or customers enough to bother fixing anything. Eventually, they will all be replaced when Wyze inevitably fudges up the firmware for the other cameras as well.

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I just performed the firmware flash to and I now have sound with SD card playback. Coincidently, it also resolved an issue where the events are glitchy in the first few seconds (where the action takes place). It is honestly pathetic that they can’t or won’t fix this issue when it’s as simple as referencing an old firmware.


I’m glad you got yours working. I noticed you posted back in Nov 2023. I just installed the Wyze Cam Flood today (Jan 28, 2024) and I still get no sound on the SD recordings. I updated the firmware to the latest, Still no sound on the SD recordings. Like everyone else, audio is fine on Live view. Going to try to swap it for another one, but looking at these posts, I am not optimistic.

1/29/24 Update: The replacement foodlight cam arrived today. It comes with firmware by default, and the recordings to the microSD card contain audio (albeit not the best audio). So this confirms that the firmware update is the culprit. I am torn whether to keep the replacement and never do a firmware update or to just return both and order the v2 floodlight cam.

You guys are lucky that at least you have video but no sound, I on the other hand have not been able to record to my sd card since I bought my floodlight a bit over a year ago, I sent in a log but never got any help, the only playback I am able to watch are the 12 second videos, it records once in a while for maybe 30 to 45 second clips up to 1.8 gb’s and then nothing until I format the card then I am able to record another gigabyte and a half

It seems like your Cam V3 Floodlight can’t overwrite itself the oldest footage. I wonder if it is a problem with the microSD card. I’m currently using 128GB SanDisk High Endurance microSD cards and it is rated for 10,000 hours at 1080p recording. It records video playback fine on my two Cam V3 Floodlights + three Cam V3 for now. One camera is from May 2021 and the other four cameras are from Oct 2022.

For continuous recording devices like camera or dashcam, I tend to only use either SanDisk High Endurance (non-critical / budget) or Samsung Pro Endurance cards (more expensive, but rated for more hours).

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I was thinking the same thing - possible issue with the microSD card. Sandisk brand always works well for me too. As info, I tried doing a factory reset of the camera in hopes that it would roll back to an earlier version of the firmware, but no luck. It kept the latest firmware, which (as stated by others) does not record audio. Hopefully they will fix this at some future date. I had bought 2 more floodlight v1 cams for my backyard (firmware and did NOT allow the firmware update and disabled automatic updates. The audio records fine on both.

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