🔥 Wyze Father's Day GIVEAWAY - Win a Wyze Robot Vacuum or Wyze Watch!

Hey friends,

Kenny from Wyze here, and we’re back with another giveaway just in time for Father’s Day. Here’s your chance to win 1 of 10 Wyze Watches, or our grand prize, a Wyze Robot Vacuum! :eyes:

Thanks to its built-in fitness tracking sensors, your Wyze Watch is the perfect companion for staying connected and tracking your fitness. With summer right around the corner, there’s no better time to try taking your Wyze Watch out on a walk or run. The weather is heating up, and so are our prizes! :sunny:

To enter this giveaway, just head outdoors with your Wyze Watch, start tracking an exercise, and snap a photo during your walk or run. Once you’re back home, share your pic in this thread and that’s it! (I know you all look amazing but just ONE photo per person will be considered here, so find your favorite and please only post one photo.)

You can get a head start by entering here in the Forums, but we’re also opening additional entries via social media starting on Sunday, June 20 - that’s Father’s Day! Click here to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, then check out our special post on Sunday for additional chances to win. The deadline to enter is June 26 and we’ll be selecting our winners a few days after that.

This is the part where I concentrate really hard and see if I can make some nice weather happen for your walks and runs. I may not have superpowers (yet), but I do hope you all have a safe weekend, and if you’re celebrating Father’s Day, we hope it’s a great one! :sparkles:

If you need some fresh reading material for your walk, feel free to check out these exciting terms & conditions from our legal team. (It won’t help your chances of winning, though.)


Sadness, I’d love to participate, but have to have and use a Wyze watch already to have a chance of getting one :frowning:

If you have to already have a Wyze watch to participate, why would you need a chance at another Wyze watch? I guess you could win the new one and return your other one for a refund if you got it in the last 30 days? Shouldn’t the Wyze watch giveaways logically be offered to people who don’t have one yet (and offer something else to those who already have one)? Do people who already have one need another one for the other arm too or something? :thinking:

Maybe I can borrow my brothers’ Wyze watch for a day… :thinking:

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can i use my samsung watch? lol jk. wish wyze watch 44 was available and i’d buy for my sister…

I suppose if you have one and win one you are supposed to give it to your father?

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Ah yes, this makes sense so it is father to father giveaway, giveaway. Or a father giveaway X2.

Or if that father’s father already had a Wyze watch too, or is not a reasonable option for whatever reason, they can give it away to someone else and it’s still a father giving it away so it’s still an X2 situation. Of course that’s assuming non-fathers are not excluded from the contest as there was no mention of that specifically and the terms just say the decision is completely subjective criteria… Which probably just means whichever pictures are most helpful for thier marketing purposes, no limits imposed. I’m sure everyone gets to decide for themselves whether they qualify for the contest (other than needing a Wyze watch already).

Interesting thoughts my friend.


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@Kenny what happened with this giveaway? I never did see a post on other platforms.

Well so far based on actual posts you’re guaranteed to be a winner and a 50% chance to get the vacuum.

The contest idea sounded good in some ways, but it could’ve been implemented a little differently and had more publicity on other platforms.

Umm… still no word from Wyze.

@Kenny @WyzeGwendolyn what happened with this giveaway? Seems like this was posted then nothing further…

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Hey folks! We’ll be selecting winners and contacting them in the coming week, then post an announcement with who they are shortly after that. Stay tuned!


Any update on this?

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@Kenny it’s been 18 days since your last response.

@Kenny @WyzeGwendolyn

gotta say @WyzeTeam , I’m pretty disappointed in you…this is no way to treat your loyal customers :frowning:

Hi everyone,

Thank you all for bearing with us through the delays in wrapping up this giveaway. There was an unusually tricky process to navigate through behind-the-scenes as we worked with our partner teams to finalize prizing distribution for our winners and overcame logistical issues with how this giveaway concluded.

When we launch any giveaway, they’re meant to be fun ways to celebrate all things Wyze with our community, but logistical delays like the ones we ran into here shouldn’t get in the way of that. Going forward, we’ve built a much more robust process for all future giveaways regardless of where they’re hosted - on social media, our forums, and any other platform. We just wouldn’t be the same without you, so thanks for all of your feedback and discussion. :heart:

Now let’s get to business! Without further ado, drum roll please… :drum:

A warm congratulations to @SirJackovich for winning a Wyze Watch 47mm, and the winner of our grand prize, @Ken.S, who is receiving a Wyze Robot Vacuum! (Please check your private messages for instructions on how to claim your prizes.) :tada:

We appreciate you joining the conversation about Wyze Watch and your patience as we worked to get things squared away. From everyone at Team Wyze, thanks for being part of the Wyze Community! :sparkles:


I’m not involved in this contest, but I would like to point out that I count 1 grand prize, and 1 watch…but the original post for the contest implied there would be 10 watches given away, so 11 prizes total…but that each person had the chance to win one prize of those 11 possibilities. At least that’s how I interpreted it (and I’m sure how most people understood it), and so far only 2 of the 11 prizes have been announced.

Sorry, not trying to be disagreeable, just pointing out how most people would logically understood this statement…otherwise what was the point in talking about 10 Wyze watches?

EDIT Update for those who read this later: As explained by WyzeKenny below, there were only 2 submissions so they couldn’t give out more prizes. Basically EVERYONE who submitted an entry won something. You basically had a 100% chance of winning if you participated this time. Hopefully we can get more participation in the future! :slight_smile:


Hey carver, good question! We had two people respond to our prompt with great pictures involving their Wyze Watches, so two of our available prizes were awarded. If we had more participants than prizes, then you would see the remaining items given away to lucky winners. :slight_smile:

To enter this giveaway, just head outdoors with your Wyze Watch, start tracking an exercise, and snap a photo during your walk or run. Once you’re back home, share your pic in this thread and that’s it!

Because only two participants submitted content with the criteria above, both automatically won prizing, and one person was selected at random to receive the grand prize.


Oh you’re right!

I should’ve checked better. I must’ve had a false memory for some reason, I thought I remembered a whole bunch more submissions way back when it was ongoing, but I must’ve mixed it up with a different picture posting contest or something. Weird how false memories like that can happen. My apologies for not checking first. Thanks for the great reply and clarification! :slight_smile: