Wyze Week 2022 - Security Day

Unlock the best Wyze Home Monitoring deals we’ve EVER had and more, today only! :grinning:

The party continues safe and sound with day 3 of Wyze Week. Welcome to Security Day!

We’ve got some exciting updates coming to our Wyze Services!

Tune in LIVE to hear what’s new from HMS and Cam Plus today.

Don’t forget, we are still giving things away! Don’t miss your chance to win! :gift:


Where can we sign up for the giveaway ?

Scroll to the bottom this link:

It seems they reset it every day for the giveaways. I entered on Monday and when I checked today I was back to 9 and had to start over. So I guess they reset after they pick the daily winners.


Today’s offer was a free hub AND a free accessory when you signed up for a yearly plan, except that I cannot get your website to update the accessory cost to Free - only the Sense Hub (which I believe was an old offer, anyways).

When you add multiple accessories for the BOGO offer as well, it fails to apply the discount at times as well. However, if you go to the main site and purchase just the accessories, the BOGO offer sticks.

Hope you can fix this soon or offer this again due to the glitch.
Screenshot 2022-10-26 235657

I think for the hub and free accessory if it didn’t work you can contact support about the issue. This is the first I heard of the BOGO issue, I will let them know about that one.