Wyze Week 2021 Product Announcement Thread - Newest Update: Wyze Watch 47mm C

Limited Stock Products: Wyze Watch 47mm C

Wyze Watch 47mm C is here!

The do-it-all aluminum smart watch with 9-day battery life is back! This time with 3 new colors, 12 special watch faces, and a new box that’s perfect for holiday gifting.

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Limited Edition Products: Wyze Buds Electric Green and Wyze Car

Vroom vroom! Boom boom!

To celebrate Wyze Week, we are bringing back a limited amount of some of your favorite Wyze products from this year. Seize your chance to get your hands on one of our limited edition Wyze Buds Electric Green (9am PT) or Wyze Cars (10am PT).

Get ready!

Wyze Merch is here… Finally! :partying_face:

Get your hands on exclusive Wyze Tees, hoodies, hats, and pins.

Now available in the Wyze store at wyze.com.

Friendly Faces

Teach your Wyze Cam to recognize faces of people you know and alert you when it sees people you don’t know. Soon your Wyze Cam will not only capture the theft of your leftovers, but tell you exactly who did it. :wink:

Watch the video now!

Cam Plus Pro

Looking for a one-camera security solution? We gotchu! Cam Plus Pro - AI-powered 24/7 professional security is coming.

With Person Detection, arm/disarm capabilities, and visual alerts, you can have peace of mind 24/7. Send emergency services to your home when an unwanted person is detected.

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Wyze Night Light

Illuminate the night with soft motion-activated light. Wyze Night Light is available again in the Wyze store.

Preorder now with shipping starting next week!

Wyze Switch

Tappity, tap-tap. That’s the sound of your light game changing! :wink:

Upgrade to smart lighting in any room with Wyze Switch: a smart, WiFi light switch. Control your lights from anywhere with the Wyze app. Plus, create automations that bring light to your life!

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Wyze Bulb White

If you thought Wyze Bulbs couldn’t get any cooler, think again! :sunglasses:

Wyze Bulb White is a tunable LED bulb with 90+ CRI.

An improved, lightning fast setup is bound to have you feeling all the vibes! Plus, get Sun Match which auto-adjusts natural light temps in any room.

Preorder yours today:

Wyze Lamp Socket

Ever wanted to power your Wyze Cam v3 outside, but didn’t have anywhere to plug it in? :bulb:

Wyze Lamp Socket allows you to power your Wyze Cam v3 wherever there’s a light. Avoid the clutter and extension cord gymnastics. Plus, convert any lightbulb into a motion-activated security light.

Preorder Wyze Lamp Socket:

Wyze Solar Panel

Happy Wyze Week!

Today we’re bringing you some literal :star2: star power! :star2:

Wyze Solar Panel keeps your Wyze Cam Outdoor recording for longer with more time between recharges. It’s weatherproof, dustproof, and half the price of competitors. With a 360° freestyle mount, you can efficiently harness power wherever the light touches. Mufasa would be jealous.

Preorder Wyze Solar Panel:


I know a lot of people were asking about adding a solar panel to their WCO. For cameras that are mounted up on second stories, I can see the appeal.

For me, I’m not sure I really need one. I get pretty good life out of my WCO batteries and all of my cameras are within step-ladder reach.


It makes sense! It’s not a product for everyone’s needs. But we’re really excited to have it ready for the people that want it! :grin:


Its going to be a fun (possibly expensive) week :smiley:


That’s the goal! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for your support! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts throughout the week! :grin:

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I don’t think you would ever regret buying one or more .
I have various cameras outside I have to charge up 6 total , the WOC with the wyze solar panel on it , is REALLY nice to never have to do anything with it , you hook up the solar panel you never have to deal with it again, it just stays charged rain or shine. It just works.


Like the video :grin:


“Then mock it for being soft” :rofl: :rofl:

  1. Does this socket work with V2 and other “older” cameras?

  2. Does a Wyse camera HAVE to be plugged into a Wyze socket or can we use our existing V2 and V3, Doorbell and Outdoor cameras to “Tell” this lamp socket to turn on/off?


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Wyze originally did not approve of keeping the outdoor camera on charge 24/7. What changed?

For the Solar Panel…


If the panel gets a reasonable amount of light (say 4+ hours of sunlight each day), would we ever need to charge the outdoor camera batteries or would we be all set year round?

It said somewhere that it puts out up to 2.5 watts so that’s .5 amps at 5 volts (normal USB voltage). A .5 amp wall charger would easily keep the outdoor camera “full” even at only an hour a day so this seems like a semi-permanent solution, no?


P.S. Good question, TomG! I think it always worked but maybe they worried about the “seal” in the back? This panel comes with a nice waterproof (resistant?) connector for the back of the V3.

Once it gets charged up it will stay that way around 85 to 100%
Seven months I have not had to charge the camera not one time.
I get plenty of cloudy days here especially lately


Thanks HD! That’s awesome! I’m in for 3! : :slight_smile:


No, the socket requires a V3 that can control external light fixtures (like it can the Spotlight). Other camera models cannot do this.

Wyze still does not approve of keeping the outdoor camera powered externally, IF you are using a standard USB power connection. The Solar panel uses a sealed connector specifically designed to protect the integrity of the Outdoor camera’s waterproof rating.

IF you can provide good access to the sun (minimal trees and proper installation angle come to mind), and there is no battery-draining malfunction at the camera (or constant live streaming), then it should power you indefinitely. Because of the varied environments the Solar Panel may be installed in, I think Wyze just promises “fewer charges”.


Any images of the connector? Is it like the Wasserstein?

Had this WOC and solar panel on my mailbox for about 6 months now.

Does the Wyze solar panel have an internal battery like the Wasserstein?

Very similar connector, but no internal battery. It is only for the Outdoor camera, which has it’s own internal battery:



That explains the price difference. On cloudy days the WOC internal battery may deplete enough to lose connection. The Wasserstein panel has a LXD 18650 battery to supplement the WOC.


With my installation, location and angle of the Wyze solar panel it has never depleted the WOC enough to lose connection, to my recollection the WOC battery has never been below 80%


Yes, it would take a whole bunch of cloudy days, maybe a month or two of them (whatever your normal WOC battery life is), to get to the point where you might lose connection. In other words, to the point where you would normally bring it in for recharging.

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