Wyze Week 2021 Product Announcement Thread - Newest Update: Wyze Watch 47mm C

I have experienced the same, it has never fallen below 80


Hmm, I’m interested in the socket as a possible solution in lieu of a real floodlight. The wiring is a bit silly though - too bad there’s no option to clip the camera directly to the socket for both power and support. This is very do-able for typical exposed outdoor floodlight installations, as opposed to the enclosed light fixtures shown in the demo, with wonky extension cable leading to the separately mounted camera. (By the way that video is trying very hard and entirely failing at funny.)

I use the Wasserstein solar panels ( designed for blink cameras ) on my blink cams with the batteries removed, they work perfectly


Is the lap socket controllable by other devices/sensors? For example, if I have a contact sensor on a door, can that trigger the Lamp Socket to turn on?

Will the socket work with my flood lights or is that a different type of socket?

Based on the specs, the socket is not intended to be directly exposed to the elements. It states that it is NOT weatherproof or waterproof.

@holocron that is a good question. I read somewhere that it is an accessory for the V3 (like the spotlight), so I doubt motion or contact sensors can trigger it. But in honesty, I’m just taking a SWAG here.

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Really? Well that’s a shame (and silly in my opinion when the thing is actively / exclusively promoted for outdoor use).


I just saw the video for the Wyze Switch and it was even worse. The actors are just fine but the writing is terrible. Wyze, please get actually talented people to produce those things. Your old videos were kind of out-there but they were interesting.

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I got two packs of switches… at first I thought, “wooah those are really expensive”, then I noticed there were 3 per pack. Which in my opinion is a really good price.

While I am stoked about the Wyze switches, as I have held off completely replacing all of my standard switches to smart switches… I really need Wyze 3-way switches :wink:.

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Shipping cost are outrageous. Should have options to deal with lower cost options

I know, another shipping whine. :roll_eyes: When you add in the shipping costs for the 3-pack, the price per switch is about $14.33. That’s only about a 60 cents savings over the prices people said they were paying at Home Depot.

I still ordered a 3-pack of switches, a V3 outdoor power cord and 2 solar panels. The cost of the items was under $84. But the shipping cost was $26! That’s 31% of the total. I have to admit that I am disappointed. I have always placed my orders directly with Wyze. But if this shipping costs are not brought down, I may have to change that approach,


Is there plans for this switch and bulb to be Matter certified?

Agree, cringeworthy. Sell the product with the features and value it brings, no need to “have fun”. Cheapens the experience.

I’m sharing feedback with the team! Thank you for posting it.

@prjct92eh2, I know that we’re planning to be involved with Matter but I don’t have many details to offer yet. :slight_smile:


No no, I LIKE and welcome funny/stupid ads. The writing in these is just awful though. Fourth tier. Obviously only my opinion.

This is turning into an Amazing and expensive week. :slight_smile: I think I have a problem, can’t seem to stop ordering things LOL.

I ordered more Bulbs. I have version 1 of the white bulbs but wanted to get the new ones and compare. The Color bulbs have been working great, reliable and quick, after the latest FW update, I am confident these new White bulbs will do the same.

I also order switches, I have a few use cases and have been waiting for sometime to get these. Happy Customer. :wink:

Add to this the Bulb lamp Sockets and I am good.

Still trying to hold off on the Solar Panel as I don’t have a real use case for it, but feeling like I should get one to complete the orders for the two days. :rofl:

In any event, I appreciate what Wyze is doing and the products being provided. This week has already been beneficial for me. Keep up the great work.


No peer pressure @spamoni4, but I got the solar panel :rofl: :beers:.


I know, that is part of the pressure, can’t let you out do me. :slight_smile:


I live in Canada so it doesn’t cost me too much😜

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I ordered the light socket, and almost ordered the switch. Can’t wait until Wyze has a 3 way switch / dimmer.

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