Cam Plus Birthday Celebration - AMA, Giveaways, and More!

I didn’t buy one . I was being honest. They (not you) can check my purchases. Why did you assume I was being dishonest?

5. Deborah Goodell

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No! I wasn’t saying you were being dishonest. I’m sorry if I gave that impression!

I was just commenting that I had given my prize up. And whining a little that I wasn’t rewarded for my honesty. :wink:

I think @Newshound will be able to help you out.

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Sorry, I took it the wrong way. All good.


I just need to see where the announcement was made so I can send that up the chain. Can you provide a link? Thanks.

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Original link…scroll down to Gwendolyn announcing the winners:

Ah, from Facebook. I don’t have an ID there. Are you using the same user name there? Have you tried to resolve this there?

Username is Katyogrady aka Deborah J Goodell
I have been trying to resolve this since April… I called support in June and she said “not to worry since I filled out the form” and it would be shipped when the got the extra cars in. Still no car or response. I have Monday off and can try to call support again but after 4 months, the excitement is wearing off and my old pug, Sadie, will die before it arrives.
Gwendolyn’s post:
Alright, I first want to apologize for how long it took me to actually get the winners sorted out. I really appreciate your patience! <3

I’ll be sending everyone a message with a link to a form for shipping information for when we have the cars. So if you’re tagged here, please check your message requests folder soon!

If you were able to purchase a Wyze Car on launch day, please, PLEASE let me know so I can give the prize to another person that wasn’t able to purchase before we ran out of stock. :slight_smile:

  1. Scott Kneisley
  2. Russ Long
  3. Anthony Angelo
  4. Solrey Zendancer
  5. Deborah J Goodell
  6. Jon Barnes
  7. Charles Watts

ARGH. Okay, so tagging is slightly broken. Anyone able to help me out with the remaining ones? :slight_smile:


That should be enough. I’ll try escalating this right away. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much!! :heartbeat:



I came across this thread and it reminded me that I was notified that I won a Wyze Robot Vacuum Replacement Parts Kit. Is that something that you are still putting together? I’m not in a rush, just wanting an update.


Mark [Mod Edit] (other username diArdi6)

[MOD NOTE]: Personal email removed for security purposes.

I’ll see if I can get an update.


Hi @diArdi, just sent you an email with the tracking number of your gift! It should show up in next 2 days. Hope you like it!


Is there a list of all the winners somewhere? Or should we just assume that if we didn’t get an email or some other type of message, that we didn’t win?

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Are you talking about the Robot Vacuum Giveaway?
Winners were announced here:

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No, I was referring to the Cam Plus Birthday giveaways.

I had not yet started using my Wyze Robot Vacuum in May.

I would like Wyze to be a little more transparent with their “Giveaways” somehow. Wyze is constantly announcing giveaways, but then very rarely publicly publishes who the winners are for something. This is particularly the case for many social media events like Instagram or Twitter. I always enter into giveaways for those, but nothing is ever published anywhere who actually won or if winners were EVER chosen or if it was just a stunt to gain attention (I am not accusing Wyze of this, just pointing out that if there is no transparency, many people wonder if there even ever were prises given away). The same thing happens here in the forums a lot.

For example, this thread promised to giveaway a bunch of 1 year subscriptions and pick winners by the end of June, and it’s more than a month later with no winners announced:

Or this one about the father’s day giveaway:

Or the Giveaway of the Remote Control Car for Instagram or Twitter…there were supposed to be winners in those platforms too, but nothing was ever announced for them ANYWHERE.

I could go back and find several that a year old or more with no list of who won things. We presume the winners were just contacted directly, but how do we know Wyze didn’t just “forget” or something?

The point is that with Wyze’s Core standard of “be friends with customers” there should be a lot more transparency with ALL of the giveaways. Make a forum thread here, or SOMEWHERE (Anywhere) that keeps a list of user names for giveaways anywhere. Make it a locked Bulletin that only Mods/Wyze Employees can add too but anyone can view or something and anytime there is a giveaway, add to it. Name the platform (Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Wyze Forum, Reddit, Facebook, etc), What date, What username won, and what item.

This would fulfill Wyze’s promise of transparency and "friends with customers. Right now there is a lot of frustration and confusion and this is not acceptable. Please pass on the above suggestions in a meeting. Something should really be done to fix all hidden issues surrounding your giveaways.


agreed!!! as for the fathers day giveaway that was almost 2 months ago, I finally had to PM Kenny, which he said it was still being finalized.

We should have a section for Sales, Promotions, Contests & Giveaways with ongoing events stickied to the top. Winners lists should tacked on to the associated topic in the section.


Yay!!! Sadie’s Wyze Car came today!!! Thank you so very much!! :laughing: