Cam Plus Birthday Celebration - AMA, Giveaways, and More!

Cam Plus is having its first birthday and you’re officially invited to our special events all week long! :tada:

Starting today, we’re giving away free Wyze products to a few lucky winners every day this week. There’s multiple ways to maximize your entries, so don’t miss your chance to win!

Tomorrow at 11 AM PT, join us for a YouTube Livestream with members of the Wyze AI team to learn more about Cam Plus and get a sneak peek at what’s next. :eyes:

Have a question for our Cam Plus team? Our Reddit AMA event gives you a chance to ask us anything on Thursday from 1 - 4 PM PT.

On Friday at 10 AM PT, you’ll see Cam Plus trivia questions posted to our Instagram Story. If you’re among those who answer correctly, you’ll be entered to win a few more prizes to wrap up the week.

We’re so excited to celebrate the first anniversary of Cam Plus with you all. Let the party begin! :clinking_glasses:


I’m entered. Except I don’t “do” Twitter or Instagram. :wink:

@WyzeGwendolyn, if I win something, maybe I’ll get to keep my prize this time. :upside_down_face:

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I wondered why we didn’t get a recent AI newsletter/post like we have several months in a row lately. They’ve been saving it all up for the YouTube show! I look forward to it.

I’m entered to, but have no expectation of winning anything, which is okay… Wyze’s prices are so reasonable I can afford most stuff I want.

I’ll check out every event. I wonder what they can tell us that hasn’t already been said in other recent events and AMA’s.

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Why is birthdate required to enter the Giveaway?

Happy Birthday to the CAM Plus team! Really impressive work for such a small amount of time.

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@WyzeGwendolyn I read through and I thought there would a list of daily winners. Or will there be emails to the winners?

I’m sorry, I don’t have a whole lot of info about the giveaway itself.

They announced some winners on the Youtube event that were for Instagram and Twitter. They said they would be sending DM’s to the winners they announce, so even if you weren’t in the event live, they should reach out to you directly, so there should be no risk of missing out if you were supposed to win. Don’t stress too much.

They will be doing giveaways all week too, so if you weren’t announced in the youtube event, there are more to come.

those winners were only for the youtube event

I’m not “stessing” just wondering. The rules did state that all winners would be contacted. And yes, I read ALL of that document.

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Why is this a “one and done” entry format? Subscribe on YouTube and you can’t enter the secret code. Enter the secret code for 10 points and you can’t enter any other option for points. This should have clearly stated upfront for transparency. This to me a disservice to your cam plus customer subscriber base.

Well, I was able to enter every option I wanted. In fact, you can watch the video multiple times and enter the secret copy once a day.

I have entered through the app link and the email link.

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Thank you mvb. In my case, after I did the subscribe to YouTube option, I was prevented from entering the subscriber code and did not get the 10 points on day 2. Got message that I could enter again the next day. Previously, for day 1, when I entered the code using the email I received, I was only credited for 1 point although I filled out the requested info. I also find it odd that entries have to have a 24 hour span of time and not next day after 12 mid-nite. Actually, states the time the next entry is eligible.

Anyone figure out where they’re announcing winners to? Even on the Instagram story they said to check back later yesterday to see if you win anything from the quiz, but I can’t find anywhere they’ve announced winners for anything (other than the one YouTube video). Does anyone know?

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I’ve been trying to figure it out too.

I won a Wyze Car from one of the Give aways but never received it. :cry:

Can you show us a link where you won? Maybe I can escalate it.

I also won a Wyze Car, but was honest and let @WyzeGwendolyn know I was able to buy one,


I didn’t buy one . I was being honest. They (not you) can check my purchases. Why did you assume I was being dishonest?