Wyze color Bulbs failing to update

One bulb failed to update and that was it for that bulb. Now it will only intermittently flicker for a nano second in the middle of the night. So I bought a replacement, it connected right away and installed. All 4 bulbs needed to be updated, start update …. All bulbs failed and now none of them are responding. The latest update? Not good

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I have found that turning off power to the bulb, either by unscrewing the bulb or removing the plug, if it is a lamp, and plugging it back in seemed to help with the Firmware updates.

Wyze just released a Beta Firmware update for the color bulbs. If you enrolled to be a beta tester, you can try that.

Delete, install, delete, install, still connected to the internet … yet the new bulb continue to say update failed and unknown status

If you are attempting to apply the latest BETA firmware update to your color bulbs, please read this thread:


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