WYZE Car - Precious Cargo

Use it how you can friends! A little extra camera action.

EDIT: One with an Overlay of the Wyze Car Cam and not just the V3 Cargo Cam

Battery pack ran 2 cameras.


This is too funny. Plus 2 Camera’s. I assume the bottom one is for driving and is using the Car FW, and the upper one is to monitor your cargo and is setup with the Normal FW, correct?

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That’s correct. :grinning:

In my “how WyzE roll” video put a spatula handle under the battery pack and a WCO on the working end of the spatula for the side view.

Had some weight and darn near 2 wheeled it a few times, lol. Just trying to be creative.

I love it! And I love your choice of beer too! :smiley: A good Wisconsin beer.

I was thinking another camera could be plugged in. Now, what to do with the USB C connector?

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Charge your phone🤣?

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I was thinking about putting a cam pan on mine. It would work great for rodent surveillance.

That’s an idea, but how would I drive the car? :thinking: I only have 1 phone and am not using any other devices. It would be cool to be able to split screen the 2 cameras.

I got it… Rolling Party


Those would make an AWESOME “tail light”! :rofl:

That would be a cool option in the car app, to be able to add a pip from the Wyze app.

The only option for @mvb would be to drive to a optimal spot then switch to the Wyze app.

You give me ideas :grinning: :+1:


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Love it!

My son had a great idea tonight, but would require some WYZE wizardry.

He said it would be cool if you could use the lidar map off of the WRV to make an auto follow trail for the WYZE Car, and just use your finger to draw a trail and send it on its way.

He is right, it would be super cool and that Pan Cam would have a whole new perspective. The car would auto trail while you controlled the camera.
Pass it on Mavens :wink:


Just got the car on the 26th , no rain today , got a chance to go down the road and check out the neighborhood :racing_car:

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We’ll see… ordered some, couldn’t resist

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Yep, pretty :nerd_face:y but I like to think of it as being :sunglasses:, and a little :crazy_face:

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Nice vid @R.Good ! Good idea for a mod! :beers: to summer shandy!

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