Dissatisfied with wyze Car

Are you disappointed with your wyze Car and if so what is your reason or reasons?

I wish it had a little more torque so it could go to mysterious places, but other than that I am not dissatisfied. Just gotta have some fun with it.


I haven’t been disappointed with mine. @stjohnduane, how do you like your Wyze Car?


I am enjoying my car. It is a fun addition to my Wyze collection. :slight_smile:

Grand-kids have a blast with it.


I love mine. Like @R.Good , I am trying to find creative ways on using it. Cargo space and a extra usb has a lot of options. You can also, leave it plugged in to charge and use it as a regular cam in your wyze app.
I am going to try to put some lead in the rear tires so it won’t be so topple over so much going down a hill.

The spatula idea is quick solution.

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Disappointed. The car has trouble moving over recently mown grass in both eco and “sport” modes. It runs great on hard surfaces but just won’t reliably work if the surface offers any resistance. I’m not sure how 4-wheel drive is supposed to be an advantage when the motor torque is so low.


You get what you pay for…No tears from me. Enjoy the Car…

So I am wondering if I got a Friday car. Not only did shipping seem to lose the car for 10 days (which just built up my anticipation more), But now I’m pretty disappointed with this thing. I got the feeling when I got it that someone had carefully opened the box previously… inside I was missing the 4 long screws needed to attach the roll cage. One tire was half off the rim, easy fix.

But now that I’m finally getting to drive it around my living room it feels so sluggish and weak. Almost any little bump stops it entirely in it’s tracks. I was really excited when I jumped on the forums and realized I had missed the option to switch to sport mode! But… Womp womp it doesn’t do anything to my Wyze car! There is zero difference between eco and sport mode. I’m so bummed. I was going to drive this around my office tomorrow but now I think I’d be too embarrassed.

Update 1: I read someone used a phone hotspot to drive this thing a long distance away. So out into the dark and scary night I went. Used a phone and hotspot and off down my street I sent it. I went about 1000 feet before I got a bit nervous that a car would come over the hill and run it over. Without the lag and better motor control I would have probably felt more comfortable going further. I will say this, I am disappointed with it’s performance, but it is still kinda fun. Like in the same way the early drivers of the Mars Rover felt. You can barely see what your doing, you can’t drive straight to save your life, you have very delayed control, a small pebble might kill the entire mission, and you’re just praying you don’t lose your connection.

I feel your pain . My car is same way… sport doesn’t do anything extra for my car also.

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For the price you paid for the car…I would sell it and get a Real RC car.

My front right wheel has a terrible wobble to it. That’s my biggest complaint so far. Anyone else have this problem?

Yes. I noticed that too. Check the screw in tire and make sure the tires are on the rims.
I would not worry to much about it.

Happy fourth :fireworks:

The car doesn’t do anything very well and it’s terribly hard to steer with an iPhone and has no autonomous features