lots of questions, looking for answers

I got the camera set up and working in my house, we have wifi so its working great. just so I understand how it all works here are some questions

  1. I have it pluged into ac power, how do I take it out on the road…can I plug it into the usb port in my car to get power to it…but how does it connect to wifi from the car?

  2. is there a battery pack for it

  3. how do I stream to youtube we were watching a video on youtube from a person who was streaming live from their car to their youtube channel…they said they were using your camera, that’s why we bought…how are they doing that

  4. right now it looks like I can only use it in my house and only people who I send a request to can view it on their phones…

lots of questions, its working great in the house but we wanted to use it more out in the world and stream to our facebook or youtube pages…

I know that’s a log of questions,looking forward to your answers

Staring point, see the youtube playlist that RickO has in this post.


Many of your questions (and ones you will have in ther future) are covered.

  1. USB is power only standard USB, a good quality car adapter should work. Wifi is your problem. An LTE hotspot is a possible solution, but hopefully you have a generous data plan if you intend to live stream all the time.
  2. Wyze does not have battery pack, but it is just USB. in FAQ (it used to be a link at the top of this page, but that has changed) https://www.wyzecam.com/wyze-cam-getting-started/
  3. Ask the poster?