Guide for running wyze cam off battery

I’ve seen videos of people using their cams outside of the home away from the bridge.

Is there a guide for doing this?

Was thinking of using it in my car as a GoPro and plugged in.

How would I get it to record? How would I find/pull that clip from the SD?

Are you referring to the WCO camera? And by bridge do you mean base station? Or are you referring to a different Wyze camera?

The wco has a travel mode, but all other cameras need at least a wifi signal at startup. I’ve run a few cams off a battery pack for several hours.


Thanks for the response and let me clarify.

WCO - no, I have a v2
Bridge - yes base station. Had it confused with my Hue light setup haha

I’ve seen videos when Wyze first started sharing user videos (before WCO) where people would have them on their boat, and on their cars. Never saw any documentation on how people did those.

If I have to start it on a wifi signal, could I start recording while in my home and then take it into the car? I’d have to start it on the USB pack and couldn’t unplug it once I got to the car correct.

OR, could I use my iphone hotspot to make it work?

You’ll need a 12V DC adapter to 5V DC @ 2 amps like one used to charge phone in vehicle.
Yes, you can install the cam to your Hotspot.
Others have set it up on their home WiFi and drove away to record for a time, as long as the cam never lost power. Remember reading that in thread but con’t find right now.

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I’ve been running them off from the little Cell Phone Portable Power Banks. Then either wifi to my phone as a hotspot or to my Mobley hotspot.
Useful for backup camera for my trailer and tractor.

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Thanks for all these examples.

I have a 20,000 mAh power bank that outputs a 5v and 4.8A and also a USB output in the car.

I’ll try the powerbank on wifi first and moving to the car, then I’ll try the USB in the car + hotspot. I think the hotspot would be an easier setup.