Wyze Cams cannot connect when on Mobile Data Network

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Guess we can eliminate a router problem since its working on wife’s iPhone.

Check your Android, Settings → App permissions make sure Wyze is allowed to use the mobile data.
If that looks OK, try to access from a WiFi that is not your own.
Hope this helps.

Try going into your APN settings on your phone and disable IPv6.

Same issue here (Oneplus 9 Android 11) Tryed this but It was already on IPV4 only. So something else is wrong here.

I came here to say I have the same issue. Everything works fine over different wifi networks, but as soon as I switch back to cellular data I can’t load my cameras anymore.

I am also in Singapore and have tried two out of three telcos (Starhub and M1), both with ipv4 only and also with all battery optimisations off and data unrestricted on my Galaxy fold 2 5g. Regardless I can’t get the camera to load. I also tried via my NordVPN with a USA connection and still won’t load.

I have no issues with accessing any of my other remote items (Google Nest, Smarthings Fridge live view, Hik Connect, etc). Literally just a Wyze issue.

It seems this is affecting users outside the USA. Any change Wyze could help to look into this for the international users?


Any updates from Wyze? Is it best to log a ticket?

On iPhone: Go to Settings → cellular-> scroll all the way down to “Wyze” and move the slider to the on position (to the right). You are welcome :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this. I am on Android,

Also as an update: I can play event videos on cellular… just can’t see live view.


Try Cellular settings on Android.

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Just wanted to thank AndreyM. Turning on cellular data for the Wyze app on my cellphone solved the problem. I can now see the live stream on my phone. Should have thought of it myself. :slight_smile:

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The same problem. Any solution for Android please?

Interesting is that I cant connect via mobile data, but when I create wifi hotspot, other phone can connect to live stream via my cellular mobile data network :astonished:

Anyone found the fix?

Looks like I found the fix, it was not working in my Xperia Android phone and started working when i added permission to ‘phone’ go to settings → apps->wyze->permissions alow phone!

I actually have the same issue. Recently changed my sim card from Starhub to Singtel - the former was working fine and I had no issue connecting to live view whilst using the 4g network. However, when I am on Singtel, live view just takes forever to load before it eventually gives itself up.

Anyone found the solutions yet?

I actually have the same issue. live stream works when a VPN connection is stablished. I’m not in US.

Sorry no solution. I cannot access my camera or the recorded events when using my roaming data through Verizon. I can do all other functions on my phone (videos etc) just not access the Wyze camera. I have adjusted all the settings people suggested. Pretty much a waste for me as being able to check the camera on my phone while out and about was the reason to purchase the camera. :woman_facepalming:

I have Verizon and can view my cameras from any place in the country where I have a cell signal. I have roaming turned off on my iPhone.


Mine is actually off too

Which iOS app are you using ? I have 2.47.0 (6) . There is a new app version 2.48 coming out today but I have note seen it on the app store yet. Are you signed into your account on the app. What happens when you try to view the cams,?
Is cell data permission for WYZE app on?

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Are you using a VPN? Try turning that off.

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