Wyze Pan Cam can't connect to the camera when using another network or cellular data

HI everyone, I just got my Wyze Pan Cam yesterday. I tested it and it runs normally when I’m using same wifi as the camera, but when I go out, I can’t watch anything even with Wifi or Cellular Data.

Can someone help me with this? If someone can list the domain name that the camera use to connect, it will be perfect, I just want to make sure that my school blocked it or not.

Thank you.

P/s: It’s running on latest firmware and application on my phone

Focus on using cell data when at that location then. I had that problem at one of my workplaces where they block livestreams and I would disable wifi to view stuff live. I was still able to get the notifications etc on the wifi though. A fresh restart of the app able your disable wifi wouldn’t hurt either. Does your mobile data work at all to view the cameras live? Say not at home or school…

I tried to use VPN and mobile data but it still not working. Maybe I will try the RouterThis app to check what is the problem