Wyze Cam v4 - Released 3/26/2024

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How are you going to use PoE on a WiFi only device???

I have PoE switches but the PoE function is only usable for Ethernet connected devices like VoIP Phones, WAP’s, etc. I’ve used PoE Panasonic cameras but they have an Ethernet port.

USB does support Ethernet ability with drivers and the POE would be manged via the USB which can manage the power and data. It is very possible.

Yes, it does require a change in some hardware and probably raise the base price by $10 but the quality and versatility provided by POE implementation outweigh both of those things.

Ethernet PoE (Power over Ethernet - Wikipedia) is a LAN/WAN standard and uses 44–57 Volts to span up to 300 feet. USB (USB - Wikipedia) is a peripherals standard and uses 5 Volts (which PC’s can supply) so is limited to 15 feet. They serve two completely different purposes and have no direct compatibility by design. Please post a link to any article that supports the statement “USB does support Ethernet ability with drivers and the POE would be manged via the USB which can manage the power and data.”

Are you suggesting WYZE to build a large form factor camera with a NIC for Power and Data transfer? To utilize that capability end users would have to run an Ethernet cable and buy a PoE switch for their network. For the majority of users the camera would still need to have inexpensive USB Power and WiFi where no Ethernet cabling and PoE Injector or Switch is cost justified. That would increase the camera cost for all users, most of whom would never use the Ethernet capability.

I deal in Enterprise VoIP and Video integration into Networks utilizing Category Rated Cabling and PoE Switches with VLAN and QoS capabilities but those scenarios are cost prohibitive for residential use.

Wyze disqualified itself as a company 2 years ago. Each device has technical problems that the Department can’t fix. The company’s products do not correspond to the declared qualities; this is a deception of the buyer. It would be better to fix the problems of already sold devices than to sell new ones and cheat customers out of money!

Looks nice but I won’t be ordering any more camera until scrubbing is available

I’ve got 6 on the way to replace some of my V3s. Fingers crossed.

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Not buying another wyze cam until they go back to what they sold their customers in with the V2 and previous. A lot of us bought in because we got, essentially, wyze cam plus free. We were sold on all these free features to later have the rug pulled out from under us and being asked to pay money for features we had for free for years. I bought all my cams with before all the wyze cam plus fees and don’t want subscription fees. It was bait and switch and made wyze lose a customer. Raise the price a little and give us all the free features we had with wyze cam V2 and you will get way more customers. NO ONE WANTS SUBSCRIPTION FEES!!!


So just get Cam Plus Lite (12 Second Videos) with person detection and chose the price of $0.00v= FREE

It doesn’t appear that WYZE Cam V4 supports Cam Plus Lite 12-sec videos, only thumbnail images…


Dangit, I just bought a v3 pro last week for more than that ($45). Can I swap it?

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Contact Wyze, they offer 30 day money back guaranty.

Wish it would! SD slot on V1 Floodlight will not record. Put the V1 out on a pole barn and replace with a Pro version.

Are there any disadvantages to staying with micro usb? I know usb-c allows faster charging, but this is a wired camera. I also know the data transfer speeds are faster with usb-c, but it doesn’t seem necessary for a security camera. Even though I would’ve preferred a usb-c cable because it is more durable, a lot of people seem to be happy with it being micro usb because they dont have to worry about replacing their cables or buying an adaptor.

You did a great job answering the question yourself. :+1:

You got all the main points.

In the case of this camera, there’s no real disadvantage other than the fact that many people want to switch as much as possible to the new standard (that is better quality and generally works better, but doesn’t really give an advantage in this case vs the affordability Wyze strives for). I think in another 5-10 years that Micro USB will mostly be considered depreciated though as USB-C continues to go down in cost to manufacture.

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I guess I did, huh? :sweat_smile: For a $35 camera, I can see how cost would be a huge factor. I’m guessing that’s the reason. It isn’t all that difficult for customers to upgrade their cables to usb-c, though, so I would’ve preferred if Wyze just told the truth. The cost-factor is why they didn’t upgrade to usb-c. That goes for us customers as well. At least we don’t have to spend extra money on upgrading all of our cables at the moment. There are definitely pros and cons to this. Overall, for a $35 camera, it’s not exactly a deal-breaker. Overall, I’m a little disappointed it isn’t usb-c, though.

I believe they did, can’t recall, maybe during the AMA? I just swapped out a V3 for a V4. The old wire was already attached to the wall, I didn’t have to redo that part.

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It’s definitely convenient, that’s for sure. Although, I was prepared to crawl around in my attic, upgrading my cables :sweat_smile:

They do, but they also say they will not charge you for return shipping…except they do…and they call it shipping fees.

" Thank you for responding, Robert. I sincerely apologize for the confusion but as per our Return Policy, it states that “some shipping fees may apply upon return.” This policy helps us cover the costs associated with processing returns and ensuring a smooth experience for our customers.

I wanted to provide you with a breakdown of the refund amount for your recent camera purchase:

  • Camera Price: $34.99
  • Tax : $5.25
  • Total Cost: $40.24
  • Minus Shipping Fee: -$5.99

Therefore, the total amount to be refunded is $34.25.

We understand that refunds can sometimes be confusing, and we want to ensure transparency in our processes. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this refund, please feel free to reach out to us.

Stay well,

Consolacion | Wyze Wizard"

Eventhough their own FAQ says different.

It looks like it actually does say that in their FAQs here where I highlighted it:

So based on that, I would expect that if your original order had shipping fees, that wouldn’t get refunded. But if you got a free shipping promotion on the original order (they often have those if you make a large enough order, etc), then that wouldn’t be subtracted out during the refund process.

Basically, they only refund the cost of the devices themselves, not what they paid to FedEx or USPS or whatever to ship it to us in the first place.