Wyze Cam v4 - Released 3/26/2024


This was the original invoice. I expected to get $34,99 + $5.25(tax) = $40.24 refunded, but then they took an additional $5.99 off of that $40.24 - $5.99 = $34.25 which they call shipping fees.

Ouch, that’s messed up!

Can you give me your support ticket number? I’d like to ask some clarification in such situations.

I’ll wait until and unless 3rd party firmware supporting local streaming for use with NVR software is released.

If firmware upgrades were fully secured, Wyze could release a V4+ with streaming software at a higher initial price point.

As it stands I’ve switched to tapo cameras. Among the cams they offer are models with similar specs, wired e-net, free AI, RTSP, and pricing competitive with Wyze. I’ve got four C320WS cams and am quite happy with them.

Fior sure. Its 3764116.

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Yeah a friend of mine jumped ship to Tapo as well and couldn’t be happier. I would have but unfortunately currently too invested in Wyze and I doubt I could convince my wife to add yet another app to her phone to look at cameras.

Hi, Just wondering if you found anything out about that ticket?

Hi. I didn’t

I just ordered my first TAPO cam. The newer model WYZE Cam V4 is no longer usable with Cam Lite and offering Thumbnails if you don’t purchase a subscription is a nonsensical downgrade. I’m expecting that TAPO cams will slowly displace all my WYZE cams going forward.

The irony is that I’ve always put TAPO smart plugs in front of every WYZE product since TAPO devices are reliable and WYZE products aren’t. I don’t have time to reboot WYZE devices on every firmware bug failure and TAPO smart plugs allowed me to do that remotely. I see no need to play the role of QA tester for WYZE.

TAPO cams have now become a better economic value than WYZE on a cost per feature basis. They natively support Ethernet, RSTP , and Matter which I’ve used with other cameras but couldn’t with WYZE. TAPO device stability and reliability allows them to be [cautiously] used in some personal safety, security, and mission critical scenarios which I would never risk with WYZE products.

Quick question: do TAPO cams support WiFi? I don’t want to string ethernet cables all over.

Their Web Site information says you can do both wired or WiFi on many of their cams.

Ethernet is used to do the initial setup.

Do they make it easier to change the hotspot names (when using WiFi)?

Hello all.
Does anyone know…

I currently have 5 cam v3’s. I’m contemplating adding a camera to the current group and was looking to get a new cam v4 for that purpose.

For two of my current cam v3 mounts I am using these aftermarket clip mounts and they have been working very well for my purposes so far:

Desk Clip Clamp Mount Holder Compatible with Wyze Cam Pan, for Wyze Cam V3, for Arlo, for Arlo pro, for Arlo Baby Monitor and Other Cam with Same Interface

This same mount would also work well for where I plan on using the new cam v4 I may soon be getting, but the above ad does not explicitly list cam v4 compatibility. It seems like the makers of the aftermarket mounts have been very slow to update their ads to explicitly list cam v4 compatibility (if they are compatible)

Is the mounting area of the new cam v4 the same or similar enough to the cam v3 where it can be reasonably determined that if a mount advertises they will work with a cam v3 that it will also work with a cam v4? Just trying to determine if I can order this same clip again and have it work with the cam v4 I’m thinking of getting.

Thanks very much.

The Wyze Cam v4 Mounting Guide says this:

Using 1/4"-20 Mounting with your Wyze Cam v4:

Wyze Cam v4 has a `1/4"-20 threaded connection that you can use to mount the cam to any standard 1/4"-20 mount.

Out of the box, the 1/4"-20 threads are actually used to hold on the base of the cam, but the screw used to attach the base can be removed with a standard Philipps or flat head screwdriver.

I understand wanting 100% confirmation, but from my read I’d be comfortable enough to pull the trigger. Even though the Amazon product page doesn’t give dimensions, it does say this:

  1. For other camera systems with the same interface.(Standard Size)


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Not sure what you mean? If you are referring to SSID and Password change, I wouldn’t know. I don’t own one and I only posted what I gathered from their website.

Tapo requires a paid subscription if you want cloud storage and “rich notifications”. Why bother switching companies if you’re going to be paying for those features anyway?

Thanks for the info, much appreciated.

I probably should’ve looked it up myself before posting here, but I just looked up the same mounting guide for the v3 that you referenced above for the v4 and it says the same thing verbatim that you quoted about the 1/4" 20 threaded connection, so that would make me feel even more comfortable that my plan should be workable and compatible.

Thanks again :beers:

It’s Amazon. It’s easy to return if it doesn’t fit. You can drop it off at
any UPS store.

You’re welcome.

Yeah, and if it were me and I’d already used the same or identical mounts with a positive result, then I’d just go ahead and do it (if it met my use case).

You’re welcome again. I’ll thank ya when I get my beers! :upside_down_face:

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