Wyze Cam v4 - Released 3/26/2024

It’s too bad you spend all your resources making hardware while ignoring app flaws that cripple all of them. There’s STILL no way for a wife and husband to have their own profiles and both view recorded footage. Still no way to control any nuances of what is or isn’t shared. But now we have super important things like dark mode! Custom satisfaction is a total afterthought for this company.

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I’m in a mood. Why do you need to share the cameras? My wife logs on with the same account that I use. She knows not to change any settings.

Do you have separate checking and credit card accounts?

I’ll crawl back into my hole now.


Wyze will change them for you, whether you like it or not.

This doesn’t work well for some people though. For example, if you have a Wyze Band, or Watch or Scales, you kind of need to stay in your own separate accounts all the time so sharing the same account isn’t really feasible.

Also, some people use these for business. The owner may own the cameras, but need their office manager to be able to review the SD card footage, and they don’t want to share their personal account or risk someone else being able to change the credentials, etc.

There are pretty valid reasons to want the SD card to be able to be shared for certain use-cases. Wyze’s main concern is they don’t want the shared accounts to view past video footage from before they were approved to use the camera. My solution is that Wyze should just force someone to reformat the SD card when they want to share the camera with SD card permissions to a new user. Then they can share the camera and not worry about someone having access to past video.


This is exactly the point I was going to make.

I haven’t seen that articulated elsewhere, so I appreciate your sharing that. I can see that side of the coin, but I also believe that’s not an insurmountable technical challenge.

Wyze certainly isn’t the only company in this space that I’ve found to be lacking when it comes to owner management of shared user tiers and permissions, but it is somewhat disappointing that there’s no real granular control for shared devices (and not just settings and microSD card access but also giving users the choice of whether or not they want to be pinged with all the same notifications that a device owner might want). I think this is what @robberstea was addressing with this:

It’s not just spouses. There are legitimate use cases for granting temporary permissions to another family member, friend, or neighbor who might be helping to watch your house while you’re gone, for instance.

The whole sharing system could definitely be more robust and more in-tune with accepted security practices, but that’s probably a discussion for another topic:

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by that logic you will never make a move to USB-C …
if some one need to use “OLD” cables, Adaptes USB Type C to Micro USB cost ~$1

Newbie question. I don’t want the siren. Can it be shutoff? Thanks.

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Yes, default is off. The siren features are the same as other siren-equipped Wyze cams… manual control and rules activated. The difference is v4 siren is louder.


I was referring only to the cameras not needing to be shared.

I have nothing but issues with my new v4. Skips time every 2 seconds. I.e. 14:43 14:45 14:47 14:49 ect. Stutters with any motion. And 2k looks the same as hd. Any clue how to fix the conolet jump in frames/time? It happened right after I did the update. Even added cam plus hoping it would fix it.

What is the sensor size of the new version, is it the same as for the v3 ?

Can you clarify what you mean by sensor size?

It does have a CMOS starlight sensor similar to how the V3 has a CMOS starlight sensor, but I don’t think there are any specs for the size, and I don’t think the size itself makes much difference, but if someone really needs to know, they could go view the FCC report which shows the internals. The lens FOV is a little smaller than the V3, but it does include more pixels (higher resolution). The physical size is pretty close to identical, though rounded a little more.


There were a few reasons why we chose MicroUSB. On the one hand, it would allow users to interchange cables with v3, v3 pro, and OG. On the other hand, it also helps reduce manufacturing and redesign costs. We are very serious about delivering an amazing price while not sacrificing important features and functions! Unfortunately USB-C had to be sacrificed in the process :cry:


By sensor size I mean, is it 1/2.8 1/1.8 or ? my understanding is ( correct me if I’m wrong), if the sensor size is the same between the v3 and the v4 , with the increased pixel count on the v4 it would require more light to give the same image clarity in low light conditions

and therein lies the rub. Without RTSP, like the Dragon’s Den, “I’m out”.

Still no POE option… Nice features but sad to see POE not yet offered… :cry:

I hoping this time the mic is better though because not being able to really hear what’s outside is not cool

The Mic is a whole lot better , they put in special effort with the Firmware to make it that way

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If it was it wasn’t going to be a $30 camera.

Where can I find a Tear Down video of V4?