Wyze Cam v4 Firmware - Released 5/21/2024

We are releasing firmware today for the Wyze Cam v4 to fix a bug in the setup routine and Friendly Faces as well as a few others.

Read our Release Notes:


Maybe it is time to buy a V4.

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Please add dusk to dawn spotlight setting for the v4 @WyzeJasonJ

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To clarify, @Rulwiz means specifically to allow having the spotlight stay on continuously from disk to dawn, not having it flash on during events and back off again when they end between dusk to dawn.

A good rationale for this, is so that you can leave the camera on color night vision 24/7, instead of having to switch to night vision, and hope it catches something so that it can turn on the spotlight and then switch to color night vision. Some people would like it to just stay in color night vision the whole time, or keep showing the spotlight the whole time. Then it can see when to start events better anyway Since it has better lighting from the very start. If it only turns on after an event starts, the event might start later than it otherwise would have, and not capture things as clearly as it could have earlier. It also acts as a longer distance deterrent.

Just thought I’d clarify that he’s not asking for Dawn to dusk event spotlighting, but continuous spotlighting (like what the floodlights can do), which it doesn’t seem to support currently.


Since I have sufficient ambient light all night I am not a fan of the spotlight because it causes the the view in the distance to go dark very quickly when it turns on.
If my cam was in a dark are I would consider using it though. My normal view.

I didn’t use it outside either. I have Floodlight Pros for that. I do use some spotlights indoors as nightlights when motion is detected in the main big rooms at night.

But even though I Don’t use it that way and wouldn’t use it that way, I still like to pass on good reasons for the people who do want to use them in a particular way.


Since the V4 firmware can be manually downloaded, does that mean we can manual flash the V4? I don’t think they ever confirmed this and their FAQ don’t mention this either.

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I believe they only make firmware files available for download when flashing is an option. OG’s never have it available because they can’t be flashed, but many of the others have downloadable files because they can be flashed. This firmware is available for download, so it implies flashing is supported even if the support docs haven’t been updated to say so officially:



Yes thanks for clarifying!

I was shocked that I couldn’t set the spotlight on my v4 yo be on from dusk to dawn.

If this doesn’t get added soon then I might just buy some v3’s with spotlights or v3 pros. Crazy how this simple setting isn’t available on the v4.


I am not finding the release notes for this release, unless I am overlooking it. If you have a link, that would be great. :slight_smile:

It is on the list in the firmware release notes & firmware.
Just go down the list to the V4.

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Hey @Antonius , did you upgrade the firmware on the v4?

Yes I did yesterday. Did not have any issues (Yet) :rofl:

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Operative word :slight_smile:
I’m doing it now :crossed_fingers:

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It took a while to complete the download. Also I don’t know why they don’t leave the original version of firmware available for download just in case the new one becomes FUBAR.

@habib **** YET My V4 saw a person in the driveway at the house across the street twice and kept recording for 5 minutes even though the person left.?
I think because it is really windy and my tree is waving around the camera went nuts even though it is tagged person which was true, and the cam is set for Person and Pet only. I have to turn of Vehicle during the day when windy because my PARKED truck is in view. :rofl:

Ha, ha, ha, at least there is a vehicle when you get vehicle notifications. In my case, there is no vehicle anywhere in sight :rofl:

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You might consider setting up a detection zone to block recognition of your vehicle and other stationary vehicles that often park in the same spot. That way you only get detections of moving vehicles or any transient vehicles that park outside the areas you’ve blocked. Works like a champ in my cul-de-sac. :+1:t4: