Wyze Cam v3, Wyze Cam Pan v2, Wyze Plug 2021 Firmware Beta Test 2/14/2022

.179 firmware v2 plugs
Went offline 6 days ago (after 4 days online) - unplug, plugged back in - reconnected w/o intervention. Have been online 6 days (redundant I know), so far the longest they’ve stayed online…still don’t trust them

.179 firmware v2 plugs
log 483516 - Spoke too soon yesterday - one offline this morning. Unplugged, plugged back in, came back online w/o intervention
IS ANYONE FROM WYZE looking at this? Give an update maybe?
submitting logs is not really the reason I purchased these…

@WyzeBaohua @Yichen

I experience the issue with having to provide my credentials to the plug when it loses power. Here is what happened today, my daughter-in-law unplugged the surge protector containing a Wyze plug. Realizing her mistake, she plugged it back in and everything came back except the plug. the plug was blinking blue fast, which implies it has to be paired as if it was new. I did Pair it to my phone and everything is fine again. This seems to occur every time the plug loses power.

Log Provided:483533

That is odd. I just tested this with one of my Plug 2021 CFH.


  • Disconnect from power for 1 minute.
  • Connect to power.


  • Fast blinking blue for 2 seconds
  • Slow blinking blue for 10 seconds
  • Connection successful.
  • All Plug functions working via app.

Ran these test scenarios:

  • Nothing connected to Plug. Plug switched on. Test.
  • Nothing connected to Plug. Plug switched off. Test.
  • Portable heater turned on and connected to Plug. Plug switched on. Test.
  • Portable heater turned on and connected to Plug. Plug switched off. Test.
  • Portable heater turned off and connected to Plug. Plug switched on. Test.
  • Portable heater turned off and connected to Plug. Plug switched off. Test.
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Yep… see that all the time… I’ve left them on fast blink. It doesn’t even feel like beta testing anymore… more like alpha debug.

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It may be related to the surge protector she removed. It also connected my ONT to power so I had no internet until that cam back on. I have a Wyze Surge Protector connected to it and 1 PoE Switch which powers 5 v3 camera’s, One v3 in the USB port on the Surge Protector, and One V2 in another USB port on the protector. So a total of 7 camera’s and one PoE Switch. I use the plug in case I have to reset the Outdoor camera’s.

I am going to monitor it as this has been one of the more stable plugs I have in place.

I have it set to power on after it lost power, so all of the camera’s did come back up and were alerting for me. I guess I should have unplugged it first and then plugged it back in.

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Been reading all of the issues you are having, I know you are a seasoned beta tester, but was curious if you rebooted your router to see if that helps?

No Internet while powering back up could be an issue, but the 2021 CFH is supposed be able to handle that scenario.

That is what I thought as well. This was my second issue since the last FW Update.

The First was a plug sitting in a wall socket with nothing in it and off. I updated, everything seemed to be ok. Then, a few days later, I noticed the like blinking fast again. All I do is set it up as a new plug and give it the same name. Everything works from that point on. It is almost as if someone is holding the power button down to reset it.

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No… reboot doesn’t fix it. I have around 150 devices from various manufactures on my home network and these CF2 plugs just stand out simply as unstable and severely buggy. I frankly don’t have any other significant issues with my other Wyze gear.


It doesn’t make much sense, but is your problem plug connected to GFCI?

No, it is connected to an standard outlet with a 6 plug splitter in it. I probably should change it out as it is an older one.

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It was a longshot. :grin: I experienced the problem on all of my 2021 plugs prior to this update. Haven’t seen the problem surface since updating to this firmware . Maybe just needs more time…

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All of my other plugs seem to be ok. This one was fine until this happened. I think it could be related to no Internet at the time it was powering up. The other one had to be something else, but it has been fine since.

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My V2 Test plug went offline 2 days after the FW Beta release.

I have pulled it from power at least 6 times, Always returns to rapid blue light “Connecting”.

I just deleted and re-added it to the app.
So far it’s sill connected, will monitor.


I never had to delete it, I just went through the adding process


Ah, I probably could have done that too.

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How do I obtain/install this updated firmware? My Wyze Plug is offline, and has been for several weeks. Firmware v1.2.0.176

You have to enroll in the beta program by going here: Become a Beta Tester – Wyze

Follow the iOS process to register and download TestFlight. Then you will get the Beta App, if there is one to be had. Start the app, go to Account > About and then select beta Program, Select Edit at the top right and then you can select the devices you would like the FW for (The V2 Plug is Wyze Plug CFH). After you selected what you would like the FW for, click the save button at the bottom of the page and you should be good to go. Now you can go to the Firmware update menu in the account tab or go to the plug, settings, Device Info, then Firmware and see if you are prompted.

Since it is not connected, you may have an issue getting the FW on it, so you may need to reset the plug. here is how you do that:


v2 Plug Went offline again, looked to be down for an hour or so and connected on it’s own
LOG ID 483902

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