Wyze Cam v3, Wyze Cam Pan v2, Wyze Plug 2021 Firmware Beta Test 2/14/2022

At least it connected on its own. :slight_smile:

And it’s only purpose is to be a beta tester :wink:

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That was the same with the one plug I have for beta testing. That one acted up soon after I did the update, but not since.

I’ve been holding out with the rest of the Wyze Plug users since the bad “disconnect” firmware was released, but I’m ready to throw in the towel. Any encouraging word from Wyze on a new ‘beta’ firmware with a potential fix?

Unplugging and plugging back in daily or multiple times a day has me feeling like Roy on I.T. Crowd (“Hello, I.T. Have you tried turning it off and on again?”).

At least post the old firmware as a rollback when the bug is this bad.

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@AmanJ Please check the log for Plug offline. Thanks.

Please note, it went offline again sometime today or overnight. LOG ID 484390 submitted at 9:17 AM EST

Thank You


Plug 2021 with fw went offline again during the night. Log ID 485505.

LED was flashing blue; managed to bring the plug back online after removing and reapplying power. Even while in the offline state, the plug remained connected to the router with its correct (static) IP address.

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At this point I’ve replaced all of my wyze plugs with Kasa plugs. The wyze plugs will sit in a drawer in case I need an extra plug for just a day, or until the day that wyze finally releases firmware to fix this issue.

Time really is all it needed. One Plug 2021 CFH running firmware just went offline. Status light fast blinking blue. I realize this is now production firmware. Noting issue still exists…

Log ID: 487830



I’m having a similar issue with one particular 2021 CFH model plug. I found it off-line with a rapid flash status light. Re-powering did not help. All I did was re-add it with the same name and it was working again. I did this yesterday. At the same time I updated to the latest stable.

Today I find it in the exact same situation. I don’t recall for sure the last time, but this time I found it with a slower flash. It changed to a rapid flash after re-powering it. Again I just re-add to the app like normal and it’s working again.

So it seems to be self-resetting itself. Has the hardware gone bad? It’s just some months old. I made a log ID after getting it to work again, 488177.

What’s the plan? Is there a new beta for the plug that addresses the two issues of going offline and flashing blue light?

Lots of logs and nothing since 179.

Not very comforting and impossible to recommend any of the products as quality is extremely poor.

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Update: Since my post above, it has not done the thing again.

I restart my AP every single day based on a repeating automated schedule. The only devices that refuse to reconnect properly are the WYZE plugs. This has held true since version .176 was released and continues to hold true with version .179.

When WYZE pushes out a new version of firmware for you all to test. Please run a test where you reboot your AP(s) or WiFi router a half dozen times back to back. If the plugs reconnect properly between each reboot, then I would be willing to bet that the issue is fixed.

This it’s ridiculous, after last update it just took one week for the plug to go offline again, It’s ridiculous…

Your log ID number is…

If you perform my suggested test, reboot your WiFi access point(s) or WiFi router a half dozen times back to back and check for WYZE plug connectivity between each reboot. It would take you less than a day to have plugs with the same issue. :slight_smile:

Offline again - log 499318 - wyze plug
Just preaching to the choir I know, but this is terrible – How long has this issue been going on?
Even with the beta firmware, no bueno.
IS ANYONE FROM WYZE looking? Maybe we could get some sort of update instead of radio silence???


FWIW at this time.

My V2 plug was continuing to go offline as annotated above.
Still testing, after having to re-setup the device after it going offline again, I created a rule with the v2 plug associated to a climate sensor. The rule is setup so that if humidity is below X% turn the plug on (I plugged a humidifier into this plug) , secondary off rule if climate sensor is at X% turn off the plug.

What I have experienced is that since I have set this rule, about a week now, the v2 plug has yet to disconnect. Where before the plug was disconnecting every other day.

I don’t believe the type of rule has any weight to this, but possibly the rule itself.

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So do you think the Rule is keeping the plug alive by basically pinging it?

Possibly? Can’t say for sure, but it’s a different outcome than I have seen previously and thought it worth mentioning.

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My Plug in the Garage was off-line. I am attaching the log here:

Log#: 514080
FW Version:

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