Firmware updates - Released 4/15/2024

Today we are releasing a firmware update to fix an AQI reporting issue on the air purifier. We also have an update for to improve the upgrade experience from Cam Plus to Cam Plus Unlimited.

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What exactly does that mean? I don’t want automatic re-assignment to CamPlus Unlimited from CamPlus Lite.

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This means if someone has a Cam Plus license and wants to upgrade to Cam Plus Unlimited it will tack on the remainder of the time under the current subscription and extend out Cam Plus Unlimited for that amount of time.

The Cam Plus Lite issues are still being worked on. However, if you upgrade to Cam Plus Unlimited from Cam Plus Lite it will apply the Cam Plus Lite cameras to Cam Plus Unlimited by default.


That’s what I don’t want. I want to select which cameras are assigned to each. I have both and want to make my own selection. I don’t want all on unlimited.

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For me: Preference 1 would be for Wyze to pop up and ASK if you’d like them all moved over or not (I suspect 99% of people will want to have most cams on CPUnlimited…but there are good reasons to stick with CPLite, including to make sure a camera isn’t constantly using limited bandwidth).

But if they do automatically move all cameras to CPUnlimited, there at least needs to be a way to move cameras back to CPLite.

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Yep of my 89 devices 27 offline customers are not happy going to be a long night


So if im understanding correctly. It will automatically assign cameras to be linked to the subscription? Im sure that is in violation of privacy. Just a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Only for those users with an existing Cam Plus Unlimited subscription. But even then, it shouldn’t be automatic. There are good reasons for a camera not to be on Cam Plus.

I agree with you. Is there anything we can do about it. Customer service sucks. They got all my camera linked.

I think part of the rationale for doing it is because 99% of people who get Cam Plus Unlimited, do so because they want it on every camera, and if it doesn’t give it to all the cameras automatically then even more people are really upset that it’s not working the way they expect and they call customer service and waste time/money telling people how to go add their cameras to the service when those people are annoyed that it should be obvious they bought the unlimited service BECAUSE they wanted it on their cameras and it’s not easy and seamless and just working right away. In that sense it is worse to not do it automatically. They will have tons of people calling and confused when it doesn’t just work seamlessly like it does with some other companies when you do the same thing with their unlimited plan.

However, I think it could be improved by simply ASKING the user during checkout if they’d like for all the cameras to be assigned to the unlimited plan (this could be set by default since most will want this), or allowing them to say not to do that automatically. Then everyone gets what they want. There is no downside.

The main way that Wyze is wrong here is that their system doesn’t currently allow people to switch it back to CPLite if they want to. It appears to just be a simple oversite (they understandably assumed everyone would want the better plan if they have it…but there are legit reasons not to want it on every camera, particularly if there are bandwidth limitations to consider), and their last statement about this is that they are working on fixing that.

For those wondering what I mean by some people having bandwidth considerations…on my internet alone, in less than 2 days I’ve already “uploaded” roughly 80GB of data through Wyze AWS. If it continues at that pace, that would be 1.2TB in just UPLOAD data to Wyze, not counting all my other internet use, including streaming TV shows, working from home, etc. Most people can’t afford to have cameras sending that much data through their internet. Some people even still have max bandwidth internet caps for the amount of data I use up in just Wyze event uploads alone. I have unlimited and 1Gbps, so it’s not a big deal to me, but someone with slower speeds or bandwidth caps couldn’t afford to have this many cameras uploading this much data, and might have to take some of them off cam plus so it doesn’t bog down their network. Maybe only put a few of the most important cams on CPUnlimited or only add more when they leave home, etc. Internet limitations can be very nuanced with different needs. If some people tried to do what I do, their internet would cancel their account or charge them hundreds in overage data. This is one example why the ability to switch some to CPLite is necessary…and Wyze did confirm they are working on it. :+1:

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I dont know about all that. All i know is when i signed up for the service i was able to pick and choose which camera was linked and which wasn’t which i think is a good idea. Since some people have kids like me and have camera in thier room. With the able to choose not to have there camera linked and footage sent to the cloud where its a matter of time it gets hacked was a selling point for me. That is before all this update. With all that said. Seems like today is a treasure hunt of wyze features. Just found out that because of this subscription, even though i pause my wifi to the cameras it does nothing but prevent it from going into privacy mode. Would you think if the wifi to the camera is cut off that there would be no internet access. Was i wrong. Still able to view from the app. Which i dont u dstand how it is possible.

As a temporary workaround, I set “Event Recording” → “Record Motion events” to OFF for each camera I don’t want on Cam+

Thanks for the suggestion. Does it work?

Yes it works. I don’t do it now but I have done it with my old WCO v1 cams that were set to scheduled event recording to the SD in the camera.
If you turn off record motion events, no cloud videos and no notifications. Make sure your cameras have good high quality SD cards in them for recording and playback.

Since the last firmware update to the air purifiers. I’ve had nothing but constant wifi disconnecting. I’ve tried the reset, I tried unplugging it for days. It will connect as a new device but then goes back to disconnecting from the wifi. I never had any issues before. Wifi was a steady connection with them never losing wifi. Nothing has changed but the firmware. Can anyone help with this? TIA

My purifier updated to firmware, and since then, the AQI will not update in the app. My actual device is showing “safe” 003 AQI, but my app is showing “moderate” 91 AQI.

It also appears to have wiped my Insight history completely. It says “Outdoor data currently not available, please check back later.” and that’s been there for 2 days, and the Indoor AQI History graph has nothing on it at all.

Same AQI problem, but at Unhealthy level on app, no AQI update, never returns to healthy after on for hours at MAX. Only happening on 1 or 3 units. The other 2 are working great.

I have this exact same problem. Very annoying. Never dropped wifi until the update. Still no fix?

Mine were all fine. Never lost a connection. I even bought a new one. That worked fine. Then I tried the new firmware on that one and it also is horrible. I gave up trying to get it to work. Not much for support here. I’m giving it time to put out a new firmware or at least someone says something here. After that they will be returned or sent in to fix. I have many Wyze products and I never had any real issues but these were working great and now they’re half working which for the money we spent is not a great business model.