Wyze Cam v3, Wyze Cam Pan v2, Wyze Plug 2021 Firmware Beta Test 2/14/2022

Had two plugs offline this morning with the new beta firmware. Immediately went into pairing mode when I unplugged and plugged them in.


2 plugs offline overnight


I had a few offline last night as well

Is there any way we can see what’s in the logs that are sent to Wyze? just wondering if it’s something on my side?

Another one this afternoon.

@Yichen @WyzeBaohua

I, like others, have just experienced my plug going offline. The following log was created before resetting the plug: 475170. The Plug name is “Plug for Cameras”.

please let me know if you need anything else.

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Still online after 4days - no load - they are still static IPs - will put load/rules on them next and see…

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Spoke to soon - both offline this morning - BUT, unplugged, plugged back in … Both online
Submitted 2 logs, only got e-mail confirmation for one … should have written it down …sigh…

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Submitted new logs after they came online from unplug/plug

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I’ve seen that myself in past of not getting all log submission notifications if submitted in a short period of time. I take screenshots now.

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Log 478038 for plug

Installed this firmware update on three Wyze Cam 3s and two Wyze Cam 2s. Three of them no longer recognize Wyze AI events, including people, cars and pets. This happens every time there’s a firmware update. I might have two AI-enabled cameras working just fine and three not. Come the next firmware update, the two cameras that were working no longer do and the three that didn’t work do. As a result, I’m not receiving notifications regarding AI events on the non-functioning cameras. Instead, the cameras will record a person, vehicle or pet but simply label the event as “movement.” I should be notified of those AI events. I’m very hesitant to update the firmware on these devices, knowing that a couple or a few cameras will no longer recognize and notify me of AI events when I do. It’s all very frustrating, which is why I can’t recommend anything Wyze to anyone, including even something as simple as a Wyze plug (I mothballed mine). Lost business, my not-so-Wyze friends.

Holy Crap. I did not know this was a problem as i’m fighting to get 4 WLPP1CFH plugs on line with a customer service rep. All failed. got off chat and decided to try again. #1 plug did initially work when installed in Dec 2021 then started to go offline. Got frustrated and decided to go for #2 plug, then #3 then #4. After spending time with the rep and signed off for the day I decided to try everything again. This time all plugs are unplugged, the button is held for 5-20 seconds, then plugged in, the slow flashing blue light started followed by the fast flashing blue light, followed the steps to getting connected and the Name device page. Then the screen to share device or maybe later and the blue lightchanged to slow flash and till i closed the maybe share page. Then the light went steady and was on and attempting the on /off from the app device list work. The versions were and all wanted to update which is the hangup. I finally got all 4 plugs online with these versions.
#1 -
#2 -
#3 -
#4 -
If they stayed online I checked the Accounts, Firmware Updates and then did the updates. If I responded to the nag a newer version it would fail to update, so I cancelled that method to update. They are all up at this moment, all different version.
Tough way to find out you have a problem that has been around for awhile. Also noticed some plugs have been updated to from other users.

Wyze should put the updates also on their webpage, along with the older firmware updates so if their latest fix flops,

we can go and re-install their previous firmware update.

For me, I did not update my firmware, knowing how well their V2 plugs were working. I was going to wait and see how

others faired. From what I am reading it does not look good. I am already reviewing other products to replace Wyze.

It makes me wonder what the Angel Funding or VC money was spent on.



I upgraded my two V2 Plugs to the beta .179. One plug has been online for 1 week. Yay! The other fell offline after 2 days. Boo! Also, after a power cycle, the plug did not come back online, which is a real hassle for me as the plug is in a remote location. I finally went to the plug and re-initialized and re-added via app.
I don’t know how to collect logs. Any info on that?

Is it valuable to submit logs after the unit has been reset? Or should you do it while it is still offline? Does that even work? After reset I submitted a log:

Re: the versions:
.176 is the latest release. Most people are reporting issues with it.
.126 is older, don’t know about its stability
.179 is the current beta. To get access you need to sign up for the beta program. If you need help with that, post and we’ll get you info. However, folks, including myself, are still having stability issues with it as well.

I submit before reset

3 more went offline this afternoon


I will give Wyze …2 months stability after a “stable firmware… not there yet” for these CFH before they go to the dumpster. My old pre-BT versions for the most part have been stable.