Wzye Plug Forgets network

I have multiple Wyze plugs around my home that are constantly forgetting their network settings. The blue LED flashes rapidly as it does during initial set up
Some are in the same room with the wireless router so the signal strength is not the issue.
All are model Wyze Plug CFH that uses Bluetooth for their initial setup.
When they go offline, I first try removing power from the plug by unplugging it from the wall and waiting a bit. This used to work but now does not. I have to go through set up again as if it is new out of the box.
All plugs are updated with the latest know firmware, The issue has been around since before this firmware update but I did not note what the version was when I first noticed the issue.

I did search for this issue, but the posts I found were older than 2021, which would have been the older model.

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They are working on it, but don’t quite have it fixed yet. Hopefully there will be another firmware to Beta test soon. Once they get something, it will appear as a normal production update.


Awesome! Thanks for the reply. I’ll see if I can nab the beta on one of my plugs.

edit: I guess I’ll wait for it to go live as a production update. The beta update isn’t showing up for the plug, but does for the door bell and outdoor camera/base station.

It hasn’t helped on mine…I’ve frankly given up putting them back online until another firmware update comes out. My older pre-CFH plugs without Bluetooth are staying online.

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Does Wyze publish when the updates are out via twitter/social media?

I don’t know about Twitter, but in the Forum here production updates are announced in the Wyze News section, and Beta updates are announced in the Beta section:

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I updated to the beta and it disconnected within a day.

Yep, not fixed yet.

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