WYZE Cam V3 siren scares off burglars

Two guys were roaming this neighborhood looking for unlocked cars to burglarize.
Luckily one was confused by an electric car.
Then both ran like scared little boys when the siren on the V3 cam detected a person.

This is a cam plus camera.

I do wish it had been a little faster at recognizing a person but I am very pleased with the outcome.


I assume you have it set up to do that on a specific schedule (ie: only late at night)?

It is surprising it took the person detection so long. Mine is usually much quicker. Maybe all the hiding facial features delayed it a little?

I wonder why they only checked the car door, and not the truck.

It will be nice to have facial recognition ability, have it only set off an alarm for unknown faces. Or be able to schedule this to happen only when we arm the HMS system.

Very cool end result. It will probably make them scared to come to your house again. I would set that up on mine, but most of the time the alarms would be getting set off by my black cat sometimes showing up as a “person.”

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I’m also interested in setting up something like this. However, for the sake of false positives OR a late night coming home, is there a method to only let it siren until it doesn’t detect a person anymore, or just go off for one minute, etc?

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Yes, it is set up to only be active at times when no one should be there.

No idea why he ignored the truck. They tried all the cars next door and likely the ones further up the street.
6 months ago a guy was in my truck for 15 mins. Stealing tools and every thing that was worth more than a dollar.
I recorded that entire event on my Wyze pan cam that is out there. The quality was not good enough to get detail though.

So far I have been lucky and am not aware of any false alarms on this V3 cam with person detection.

I can’t say that it hasn’t missed several though. I am going to do more testing to see if I can “hide” from it. The facial recognition would be really nice.

I agree they probably won’t risk coming to the same location. They do not seem to want any confrontation at all, which is good to know.

By the way, these are the first times I have ever had any problems at this house in 25 years of living here. Times are a changin’


This is the built in feature/siren of the V3 cam.
I am pretty sure the siren is about one minute. It turns off automatically after a set time. I haven’t timed it but it seems like a minute.

I set up a rule in the Wyze app. If the cam detects a person between specific times > then it turns the siren on. The video above is the event it recorded automatically.

The same rule tells other cameras to record and upload clips so that I can guarantee catching what I need. This is all done in the wyze app.

I did get myself one night by going out late. The camera and rule is new so I wasn’t prepared.
It scared the crap out of me, I probably jumped more than the burglar.

You can always disable the rule in the wyze app when leaving or arriving home but that could be a pain. Especially if many people live in the same house.

Setting up an automation would be best.

Depending on your setup, Maybe Tasker, IFTTT, or your automation software of choice.

I’m going to set up two types.

An NFC tag I can tap when leaving and arriving.
Also possibly a voice routine which will temporarily disable then re-enable the rule, giving me time to use the driveway.

Bandit hats and everything! Goodness!

Well played. Scare those jerks away.

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Are you sure SimpliSafe wasn’t shooting a video and was like awwww dang it they have WYZE, run!!!

You can tell he doesn’t do this much with his all black attire, CK logo, and Ski Mask, Hopefully he soiled his shorts and learned this wasn’t the “life for him”.

Dressed like that (mostly the ski mask) he may not get a audible alarm next time but a high velocity object coming his way.


The second the masked man crosses my door threshold…you betcha.