Wyze Cam v3 Pro: The 2K smart camera you've been waiting for

Like the V3, the V3 Pro requires internet at startup. If it is never turned off, it should continue to record to the SD until turned off regardless of it’s WiFi status. However, you will not have app access to the cam while it is away from WiFi.

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To access any device via app, you need internet.

  1. Does it have solar power capabilities?
  2. Does it upload to the Clouds?
  3. Can it replace the V2 Outdoor Cameras?

It is just like the v3, it uploads to the cloud, it’s not battery powered, and it does not support the solar panel.

…also doesn’t make coffee :slight_smile:


Not the 2k Smart Camera I’ve been waiting for, as it doesn’t have RTSP.

What a lost opportunity by Wyze.

RTSP wasn’t viable on the V3 due to memory and/or processing power of the v3? (don’t recall what the specific limitation(s) were.)

V3 Pro could of been designed from the ground up to overcome those limitations and implemented RTSP out of the box.

I and others would of purchased multitudes of Wyze V3 Pro RTSP enabled cameras…

back to the drawing board…



It looks like the power cord plugs right into the camera like the V2.

Does it still use a micro USB connector or some other type (USB-C maybe)?

Another lost opportunity

Perhaps Wyze Cam V4 will have USB-C and RTSP.



With Wyze touting all the security features of this new cam I was wondering if they finally integrated this with HMS? Can the siren be activated when the alarm from HMS is set off?

No. The HMS armed\alarm status remains quarantined from any home automation functionality. Still no triggers on the HMS to initiate a cam action.

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Thanks for the info! Hopefully at some point they will integrate HMS into an outdoor cam with siren and PTZ.:man_shrugging:


Yes, that would be great. But, I think it is more of an HMS Trigger restriction since all the cams already have the Siren action available.

Can the spotlight be turned off and can you still see at night in color like the older camera?

The V3Pro does have a Starlight Sensor and Color Night Vision.

Thanks. I am upgrading from the Wyze cam v3 cam and I am buying the new 2k camera.
Other companies have a spotlight always on for their color at night. I am glad I can turn it off as the camera will be inside looking out and the light would reflect off the glass.


Agreed. That application would be very bad for both a motion activated spotlight and also IR Night Vision Emitters.

Both are settings that can be disabled.

Based on the new features and capabilities, this camera is significantly different to the V3. I wonder why it isn’t labeled a “V4”?


I hate to be blunt, but why are you people asking questions that none of us users can answer? These type of questions should be directed straight to Wyze.

First of all, Wyze employees often read these posts and may respond to them. Secondly, other forum members may have an answer they read somewhere else or may want to give their opinion. Sorry my question gave you such distress!