Wyze Cam v3 Now Available! - 10/27/20

YES!!! I placed an order for two - wish I knew these were coming out in November because I would have held off on the WCO and placed an order for 4 cameras instead of two right now!!

I’m most excied by the possibility of rtsp down the road; I can probably use it with sighthound finally!!


@josephine, it’s still H.264.

@superchi, yep! We’ve been very excited about this one especially after all the feedback about Wyze Cam Outdoor. :slight_smile:

@j.rosen, it works with Alexa and IFTTT but we’re still working on Google Assistant integration.

@jeff007, we can’t make promises about edge detection yet but it is something we’ve been looking into.

@Crazyburrocrap, it won’t arrive with your headphones and the doorbell will be shipping in January. Thanks for your order!

@vince.wegner, we will have RTSP compatibility later but it may be a separate firmware branch like with Wyze Cam v2.


@WyzeGwendolyn - no black option? if I buy a couple of these, are they going to come out with the black option in like a month and I will wish I waited?


Any news on the battery on the V3?

Will this cam support micro sdxc memory cards?

Unfortunately it looks like any pre order does not qualify for the free shipping…i was going to buy 2 just to get over the $33 to get free shipping, but since they dont I guess I’ll just buy one to test.


@WyzeGwendolyn When will Canadian shipping launch? Is it soon so I should wait or should I just pre order with the reship service I used before?


I am guessing no…officially - but i have them running in my V2 cams no problem, i use this one:

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Free shipping is not valid on the V3



You are loosing a lot of sales not honoring the free shipping…


The terms of the free shipping is the same as it was when it was announced

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Ummm…what about those of us who wasted our money on the outdoor cam a couple months ago only to find the REAL outdoor cam is here, at half the cost???


Any chance we will be able to view V3 cam feed on Apple TV and/or app for Apple TV?


That night vision is truly amazing for the upgrade and retaining the same price point!!!

If only it had PoE for outdoor installation instead of having to be near a power source it would have been perfect (well once RTSP is available).

Anyhow, it is amazing what you guys continue providing and at the price points that match!


Currently wyze cam v3 can not be viewed on Apple TV.


:frowning: I was hoping :slight_smile:


@steve4335, we are looking into a black version of Wyze Cam v3 but don’t have a timeline for it. We aren’t making promises for this one at this point.

@tedwards, Wyze Cam v3 does not have a battery. But if you need to use a battery-powered outdoor camera, we have Wyze Cam Outdoor available! :slight_smile:

@RebelBlue, you can use microSD cards with Wyze Cam v3!

@jeff007 and @steve4335, the shipping and discount logic for pre-orders is a little funky so they’re excluded from the promotion.

@davidnestico2001, I can’t give a date for that yet but we are getting closer! But if you’re wanting this product sooner rather than later, I’d use the reship service.

@franks59, we started with the Wyze Cam Outdoor to provide a battery-powered option that could go where Wyze Cam v2 (and Wyze Cam v3) cannot go. We’re sorry to hear that this is not the product that you were aiming for.

@luckylou, not at this time. Have you voted for that Wishlist topic?


I haven’t seen the wishlist topic. Thanks for the reminder to go look,


@WyzeGwendolyn, thanks for clarifying and answering back so quickly!


I believe the processor was a limitation for not enabling HomeKit integration for the V2. Does the more powerful processer mean there might be a chance for HomeKit for the V3?