Wyze Cam v3 Garage Door Controller

I installed the Cam V3 Garage Door Controller. It works fine by itself. My 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee open will work both from the inside of the garage from the outside. My handheld garage door remote will work from the inside but not from outside. Our 2020 Lincoln Continental will open the garage door from inside but not from outside the garage.
I relocated the Wyze Sensor from above the garage door opener driver box to below but this did not make any difference. I also engaged with the Wyze Team on chat. I have had to disconnect the sensor because I can’t get my husbands car to open the door. Any suggestions?

Welcome to the community @debjewell27 , though I’m sorry it was under frustrating circumstances.

Most people who have had this problem, it was related to shielding issues. Try wrapping foil around the power cord going into and out of the camera to see that helps (it has made a difference to lots of other people).

Some people have also been able to extend their garage door antenna to a different part of the garage and no longer have interference from doing that.

Hopefully one or both of those things can help a lot!


Yes, did you buy the GD Controller by itself? That option is only for replacements. The full package includes a shielded V3 cam.

But Carver’s suggestion to wrap the cable in tin foil should do the trick. :slight_smile:


I actually have one of the “replacement” controllers too instead of one of the ones with the correctly shielded camera, but mine doesn’t have interference because instead of connecting it to the Garage Door Opener, I soldered it to a remote control (because my opener is one of the “incompatible” yellow button ones) and put the camera on the far right side of the garage and made the QR code 200% the original size :rofl: (Eventually I am going to print the QR code to be 400% the original size then put my camera at the very back of the garage).

So mine is nowhere near the opener’s antenna to cause interference. I guess that’s another option. :man_shrugging: It works great for me!

But yes, I am sure Newshound is right that this involves one of the unshielded cameras, so as we’ve both said now, hopefully the tin foil helps to block the interference.

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Thank you! Wrapping the wire in foil did the trick and I did not have to move the camera or the sensor. FYI- I purchased these two as a package:WYZE cam v3 garage door opener.

That’s wonderful to hear that it worked! Thank you for the follow-up, and the picture, and the clarification that you were still getting interference with the packaged Wyze cam. That is interesting to us since the camera that comes with the controller is supposed to be shielded better already. Now we know that some people still need to add extra shielding, even on the camera that comes with it if they experience issues with the included camera. That is good to know.

It is great to hear back on what worked for you so that we can continue to make suggestions when other people experience similar issues.

Very happy to hear that it helped, thank you for checking back in. :+1:
Don’t be a stranger in the future if you have any questions or suggestions/ideas with any other Wyze devices. :slight_smile:

Going to try this tomorrow to see if it fixes my issues with the garage door opener remotes as well.

Is that camera using a power extender cable? If so that may be why you had to shield it separately.