Wyze Cam v3 Firmware Beta Test 8/23/2023


What’s New:

  • Fixed a bug that caused gaps in microSD card recording
  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect LED status when motion detection is turned off

Lights are back to normal !! :slight_smile:

Standard v3 and v3 of the Garage Door controller are working properly.
How soon to add to the v3 Pros?

Thanks guys!


16 V3 updated via bulk. Testing.

Confirming SD timeline gap for the last minute of every hour is now fixed. And it is playing the first minute and not skipping it. Win - Win. :clap:

Timeline also looks to be slightly larger with more contrast for old tired eyes. :+1:


Updated many v3s without issue.


Ditto :slight_smile:


This week, I received 3 Vehicle Notifications on 3 seperate V3 cams that should not have been getting Vehicle Notifications or Tagging Vehicle AI Events. Each time, I checked the notification settings and, sure enough, the Vehicle Push Notifications were enabled and Vehicle Smart Detection Tagging enabled.

I only have 1 V3 cam with Vehicle Smart Detection and Notifications enabled.

I just checked the remaining 13 cams. Every cam, regardless of what the settings were previously, had Person, Pet, and Vehicle Notifications and Smart Detections enabled. Some of these were set for Pet only, some for Person only, some were set to upload but not to notify.

The Beta FW update reset Notification and Smart Detection settings.:triumph:

I checked other cams that recently underwent FW Update. Only the Cam Pan V1 had similar settings reset.