Wyze App 2.31, Wyze Cam v3 Firmware,, and Wyze Cam v3 Garage Door Controller Firmware Released! 5/18/22

Hi, Forum Friends!

Wyze Cam v3 and garage door controller firmware are releasing with garage door controller trigger duration settings! Wyze app 2.31 fixes a Wyze Cam Outdoor settings bug and adds a bunch of new features like Wyze account deletion, grouping Wyze lighting family products, and more! :partying_face:

Wyze Cam v3:
Wyze Cam v3 Garage Door Controller:

Read our Release Notes:


Fixed the WCO bug for me, and it seems the 2 involved pages are even faster than before :smiley:


Hooray! We’re so excited to hear it! :tada:

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Great job getting that one fixed ASAP

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Installing updates to my Cameras now. Will test when done


Updated all Cameras, no issues to mention to date. Everything is functioning as expected. I will even say that the image quality seems a bit better for some reason. It appears more crisp than before. :slight_smile:


Updated the iOS app and it appears that everything that was broken has been fixed. Detection settings are back and can be adjusted, PIR zone is back and I am again able to download videos from the WCO camera album. The gang is happy for now :raccoon: :raccoon: :grin:


Person detection is no longer allow to be activated for CamPlus Lite?? under ios 2.31
it is greyed out

but in Android 2.29 …the toggle is visible and functional

Edit. Adding a photo

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I updated to iOS, one V3 and 4 WCO on Cam Plus Lite have person detection on and it does work, I tested the cams.

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The issue of V3s losing detection area adjustment in last week’s update is fixed. I will update my V3s tonight.:+1:

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I added a photo.

Not sure why. but it is greyed out.

That photo you posted looks like a camera with cam plus because it has (PRO) listed at the bottom. This is my V3 with Cam Plus.

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My Smart Detection screens look identical for CP and CPL under iOS app 2.31.0 (7).

Edit: and all work fine. :+1:


They didn’t fix this ASAP, it took them a week! But had they actually tested it prior to release they would have caught the issue first place. Or…they knew about it and released it anyway.

But now I’m having issues where my camera live feed freezes, mostly when I go from portrait to landscape. Sometimes it tries to restart and other times it just stays frozen, then I have to close the app and open it again or view a different camera, to get the live feed back.

Yes the smart detection screen for the V3 with CP or CPL is the same. The first photo I posted was a smart detection screen from a WCO. I never know what cams we are discussing :upside_down_face:

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I was confirming your observation and reply to cf7. :+1:

thx for the reply.

Ios 12.4.1

when User click on the person line item ,. app redirected to

please join CamPlus pop up screen.

Under Wyze Android 2.29…
The line can be toggle on/off

V2 has person detection.

Wyze needs to take a look.

is it because ios version?

edit: adding OFFline static screen still there.

At first glance it appears that a good update was released but unfortunately after looking a littler closer that is not the case.

Yes this update did fix the issues with the WCO and the detection zone across all cams. However there is now major issues in the rule environment.

As of early this morning, any rule that has any device group anywhere in the action list will no longer execute or work. Rules that just have actions for single devices will still function as intended. But if you have a device group anywhere in the rule the entire rule will not work (even the single device actions within that rule)

Seeing how they just changed to the new lighting groups with this update that allows any lighting devices to be grouped together and now all groups have a problem working with rules doesn’t seem like a coincidence. Whatever change was made in the cloud and/or app update has broken the functionality of groups in any rules.

Hopefully wyze gets right to work on this issue and issues a fix as quickly as they did for the WCO/detection zone problems. That would be great but I’m not going to hold my breathe with wyze’s terrible update trends and history.

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Hmm, my WCO is in CPL, and under Event Recording > Smart Detection Person detection is disabled, and it prompts CP if i try to enable it

EDIT: It still tags my things as person in events, maybe its always been like that?

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I know under 2.29 ios the person detection feature works as I had checked.

I did not check 2.30 ios
This problem is new in 2.30, 2.31 ios more likely.