Wyze Cam v3 Firmware Released - 2/1/21

I have 128gb SD cards in my V2’s.
I tried them in the V3’s when I got them, no go at the time. So I have 32gb’s in them now.

Wyze has glitched the record in Playback feature in their firmware I believe.

I’m running 64GB, 128GB and 256GB in my v2 and v3 cams. The .248 firmware you are running in your v3 cams now allows exFAT format, same as your v2 cams.

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Yeah I read that on another post somewhere a few days back. Haven’t tried anything over 32gb yet since they were working fine.

I tried re-formatting the SD card through the camera’s Advanced Settings, Manage MicroSd Card and then trying to Record on Playback again, same thing.

Go ahead and stick an exFAT formatted 128GB card in your v3 and give it a shot. Or swap with a known good v2 card. If neither works, you may need replacement cams. Seems odd that all 3 of your v3 cams have the same issue though.

Do you have a link to that post? I missed it and search on exFAT didn’t find it,

There are two other threads, one dating back to last December, concerning this issue. It is not new.

I have 6 V3s, and none of them have ever successfully saved a recording from playback. The app says it did, but the resulting video file is always 0 bytes in length.

Edit: I have only Android devices, so cannot comment if this works with iOS devices. My v2 and Pans can record from playback with no problem; it is only the V3s that cannot.


It made our cameras worse. It’s doing all the things that it used to do wrong. Identifies cars as people now also.

Same problem.

I saw a popup yesterday about .248 which I ignored as I needed my camera to complete its time-lapse, but this morning when I checked its stuck on .228 and says “Up to date”. Did I miss an upgrade window or something ?

Live stream is laggy and freezes
While viewing playback in landscape mode if i want to switch back to normal playback view it goes to live stream it should stay in playback
Firmware 228

I don’t see how firmware affects the screen orientation? If this is really what’s happening, the app’s design is really broken.

On my S10, prior to this latest update, and ever since I’ve had my V2’s and V3’s, it was always glitchy in landscape view while in Playback.
Whenever I went into landscape while in Playback, it would always freeze. I’d have to go back and forth between portrait view and landscape view a few times before it would “unfreeze” in landscape while in Playback.

The problem being after ejecting, the uSD couldn’t be remounted or format from the App.
Even after removing and insertng a new card, the cam had to power cycle in order to mount a volume.

@dr.know Ive had a couple ( just last night ) that said they were formatting successfully…but the numbers werent changing…still saying 15.2 of 32gb free or something…i couldnt get it to read right after a “successful” format…I found that restarting the camera fixed that. maybe doing a restart from the app would solve that as well? these issues have to be something in the firmware.

Latest firmware seems to be working on all my V3’s. I can “View playback” from memory card (all mine are 32GB) and I can take a photo and record video and they all show up automatically in Google Photos under “Snapshot” and “manual” (videos).

That said there are still some bugs as the cameras do not always load and will sit on "Connecting camera by secure channel (1/3) , and will just stay stuck on that until close the app and open it back up again. Also when I click on “View Playback” the time bar on V2’s and Pan cameras turns green almost right away, on the V3’s it does not change to green until I start moving the time around.

Today I am going to be replacing the last of the Pans and V2’s with V3’s so all 6 of my cameras will be V3’s and I will be able to test them more with the latest app version.

Running app version 2.17.7
Android verions 11
V3 cams on

Oh and can someone tell me what happened to “Event Recording” “Schedule”? On the V2’s and Pan cams I can set up a Schedule to that it only records events between 11pm and 6am… on the new V3’s under “Event Recording” settings this is no longer there?

My thoughts exactly! Tried that and said no card installed. Its not really an issue unless the user is away from home and accidentally ‘ejects’ the uSD.
BTW: Was in my kitchen removing the uSD from my cam for a test. My finger nail slipped off the edge of the card and jumped up about 2’ and into my cup of coffee. Still works! :joy: :coffee:

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Is this GA or beta? I am still not seeing this for my V3 cams.

I have this same issue. I thought it was just me. I had one v3 that I had been leaving plugged in for testing (not actually using because still no RTSP) and it got the .248 upgrade. I plugged a different v3 in this morning and it’s at .228 and says “up to date”. Manually checking the individual cam says “Everything is good! Your camera is up-to-date.” too. Very reassuring.

RE: Firmware rollback from ver .248 for the V3
Note: Firmware file removed due to critical bugs. We are working on resolving them and will send out new versions when they’re ready. Sorry for the trouble!

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3 of my cameras are on .248 and 3 are on .228?