Wyze Cam v3 Connection Issues

I’m holding out hope that they do something to make these cameras reliable again. But i can’t wait forever.

I’ve done a little searching for other cameras. Just haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

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Bit of a longshot but are any of you using a VPN service to connect to the internet from your client device when trying to access your Wyze cameras?

Of late, I find I get unreliable connections to my Pan Cam V2 when I am out and about and try to access it from my mobile phone App via a VPN server. If I disconnect from the VPN server I have no issues accessing the camera.

Notably, when I view the camera’s live feed status clock via the VPN server it will jump a few seconds (Ie the clock does not display one second intervals, it may jump two or three seconds). When I view the status clock when bypassing the VPN server the status clock increments at one second intervals.

I’ve only noticed this change recently so it seems that something has changed with my VPN Service provider. It is possible that other VPN service providers have made changes that could affect the quality of the connection between your client device and your camera if you use a VPN service. Unlikely, but something to consider if you do use a VPN service.

No VPN on my end. I just use the Wyze app on my phone, which worked great up until several months ago.

I use Proton VPN and haven’t seen any issues, so far.

No. I’m not using a VPN on my Android phone which is my primary device to connect to the cameras.
The problem is with the devices, their infrastructure, and/or the app.

Out and about today. Checking my camera from my phone via the VPN and its all working fine again. No skipping of the clock. Haven’t changed a single thing from my end. No Apps or firmware have been updated on any of the devices in the chain since yesterday. I suspect something was happening at the VPN provider end.

It’s too bad you can’t prove it. Maybe find some logs?

As we all know, using a VPN service can introduce additional delays in transmission of packets between peers or between clients and servers. So anything is possible.

Interestingly, when I tested things yesterday from home, all devices I used to access my V2 cam live stream (App or Web Live View) exhibited the same issue when connecting via the VPN service. The issue disappeared when I removed the VPN service from the connection chain.

The fact that the issue has resolved and I didn’t change a thing leads me to believe it was the VPN Service causing the issue.

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Sounds like good verification to me. Some people are quick to blame the VPN, but seems you diagnosed the issue correctly.

Luckily, My VPN has very little lag and does not interfere with anything so far. Of course, with the VPN off I get better speeds, but nothing concerning.

We’ve had the same VPN Service provider for nearly 7 years. The VPN has never missed a beat. The difference in ping times and DL/UL speeds with VPN and no VPN is negligible when we connect to VPN servers that are local. Of course, there are slight differences when connecting to VPN servers on the other side of the planet. But again, nothing that adversely impacts our use cases.

That’s why I was so surprised to see the skipping time stamp on the live stream. It stood out like a sore thumb. Interestingly, videos of events that had been captured and then downloaded / viewed either from the Wyze servers or directly from the cameras SD Card did not exhibit that behaviour.

But no biggie. All good now. Something to keep in mind though if it ever happens to others.

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I just checked mine. All 3 cameras works flawless when my phone is on my homw wifi. I turned off wifi & 1 camera says offline & the other 2 never get past 1 of 3 in the loading. Turn Wifi back on & all 3 load immediately.

Just for reference, at work im on Wifi, they don’t connect most times unless i do the reset them immediately view. If i wait too long, they don’t get past 1 of 3. Beyond frustrating.

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No VPN… still poor connections…

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Some of us brought up this issue a couple weeks ago in another thread.

Apparently Wyze has “located the root cause and was working on a fix” in the app, but I haven’t see an update posted on their progress.

Extremely frustrating…

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Yes extremely frustrating to say the least . I only have Qty-2 V-3’s and Qty-2 O.G’s running , one of each are on Cam+ paid subscription’s , the V-3’s are malfunctioning steady lately , both paid subscrip and the non paid paid subscrip cam continuously will not connect to Cell app (no vpn running) and give that “all-to-frequent” POWER-CYCLE CAMERA " OR " CONNECTION FAILED" MSSGE " , please try Force close app and retry , christ I’ve done that POWER CYCLE REQUEST 4 times in past 2 days , has no effect and whats worse I wake neighbours as there is a 10 second sonalert alarm in the shed where furthest CAM is monitoring , its midnight , and winter where I am .
presently neither of the V-3’s will show live video on cell app . asking again for the jump-through-hoop Force Close . Yet the paid subscript V-3 will show live Video on the WyzeCamPortal on my main p.c. which has been on VPN for 3 years+ and although have had many similar experiences in my attempts to keep system running , lately this is approaching futility . Waht’s the definition of insanity again ? I been around since d.o.s p.c’s and remeber when we used to laugh about the phrase “plug-and-play” in it’s infancy .
What used to be a love affair with tech is becoming a nightmare and Wyze is at the top of the list , sadly its bleeding over to my overall digital opinion and I find myself questioning why I ever let it go this far . I have divorced over less problematic experiences !
Did I mention that still have qty-2 , 30+ year old Lorex motion-sensor B&W (with audio) camera’s (granted only 480p if lucky) that still work to this day and never nag me about anything ! I love them !

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Do you remember how much you paid for the Lorex cameras back in the day?

Re: the price of the 30+ year old Lorex B&W motion sensor camera’s …I’m not sure why you would ask that , but the black one which I wake viewing on tv every morning was purcahsed brand new , it may have been around $89.00 in the day , the identicle white one was free as the neighbour broke the power cable somehow and I was able to repair it . My one Big complaint is they have the same wind-tunnel audio noise that the Wyze cams have in any wind over 10 km/hr , both have been outside in -40 f and + 90 f temps year round under eaves . I have moved both of them a few times in the 30+ yrs I have owned them ,
I would pay the modern day equivalent for a hassle free , no-nag camera if that were even possible and I really do not see that as an option in this modern world of failed capacitors , cooked electronics , and across platform incompatibility !
I often say aloud I was born and lived at the right time .

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I have trouble connecting to my V3 also. I have noticed in the settings if I look at device info, when you hit the one for the signal if it’s connected to your internet, like the home network, it will have a number to denote the signal. Mine is like minus 52, on my wise OG’s. On the V3, it doesn’t change, it just shows me bars. And then when I’m away from home, when I go to that same menu and look at the option for signal, it’s isn’t grayed in, meaning that it’s not connected. So that’s one way that I have come to realize that if I can tap on those bars and see the signal in a number, then I know it’s connected. If I tap on it and it doesn’t change, then no, it’s just connected to my phone which is connected to the Wi-Fi …or something.

I just updated the firm ware of my v3 camera today and now it stops working. The version v2 works fine after update. I try to restart the camera but it didn’t work. And the camera is on the roof of my house with no direct access . What’s else can I do?

Now the 2 with the latest firmware have been offline all day & fail to reset. I got home, unplugged & they’re still offline. The 1 with the older firmware would only load after resetting off my home wifi. It works when I’m home.

I’m so done with Wyze, they’ve had enough time. I’m gonna try 1 Tapo and if it works then switch them all out. It ready sucks because the cameras are really good, but with a garbage app, it doesn’t matter.

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The camera connection issue appears to be an App issue maybe. Logging in with cameras on seem to fail unless to turn the camera off from the app screen for a few seconds and the turn it back on. I have tried the Wyze live screen web page and seen the same time out issues. Latest SW is all loaded. Started months ago and seems to have gotten worse. Next on the list is to te-add a camera or two and see if that works but not likely. Smells of a time out issue with the SW. two cameras on contract no better than other 3 not on contract. All act the same

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